Monday, June 12, 2006

Sooo Tired Today

I am soooo tired today. Whew. I'm exhausted. They finally have the contracts for us to sign so they can start building our house. We've waited a year for this. Tonight I have my abs class at the YMCA so I'm happy about that. Even though I'm tired, that's my favorite class. If you haven't noticed, my weight scale at the top shows I've lost 7 lbs in just a week and a half. That's pretty fast! Yay! I know I have my dads fast metabolism so that helps. It just took a little workout and it helped get rid of those extra lbs I didn't want. The doctor's scale says that if I drop below 133, I'll be underweight for my height.... but that's okay! I just want to be 130. What I was before I ever had children. So that's just 9 more lbs. Charles and I love going to the YMCA. Because I don't like to tell my location of where we live, the ones that live near me will understand when I say we go to the YMCA in "Snottsville". I'm only calling it that because I don't want to say where I go. The one I LOVE to go to is in "college town". That's our favorite because they are more family oriented there and the kids love their play center. The people there look like they love there job. The one is Snottsville act like it's a burden to care for the kids. They're even a little rude. One time I was 10 minutes late because I was in the showers and they came chasing after me. The YMCA in college town doesn't care if you're late. They tell me if they're not busy, not to worry about it. When our house is done, Charles and I will go back to that YMCA since we'll live closer. I only moved in this little apartment because we thought it was going to be only for 6 months!!! I didn't care where I had an apartment because I thought we'd be in our house soon. I just wanted to live by Charles' work because he loves to come home everyday for lunch. We will truly miss each other once we move farther from his job. Oh gosh. I am so tired today. Something about Mondays. Yesterday was a great day at church though. After church Charles hung out with his friend and then I went and hung out with my friends and our kids till about 11:30pm. We had a good time. :)

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