Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good Intentions

I was surprised at a response about the makeover picture below. Someone said that I was saying this is how Christian women should dress. This was my response so you guys can see. Just in case anyone misunderstood my intentions. :)

"You probably mistook my intentions of why I sent this picture. It was not that anyone should look like a sleaze (as you said). No good Christian woman should look like this. I only sent it to show that we are surrounded by beautiful people all around us but so many times they are judged by their weight or how fancy they look or how much make-up they wear. This picture proves that any woman can look beautiful. I never intended to send the message out that us Christian woman should go do some serious "sleazy" clothes shopping. If it would help things for me to resend the email and explain better what my intentions were. I can do that. But hopefully, people know me well enough to see my heart and not think bad thoughts about me. I will reword the email if that helps. I try not to go to far and say "woman shouldn't show their shoulders" or "their calves". I try to have a healthy balance so I don't discourage others into thinking that Christianity is a hard standard to achieve. Modesty is estremely important though, especially in public ministry. I understand your concerns though. I think you just mistook my intentions of sending the picture. Hopefully this will clear things up."

I was surprised that they took it like I was saying that we needed to dress like this. I just thought the picture was amazing for it's makeovers. Not how they dressed. Hopefully no one else read it differently. I apologize if I offended anyone :)

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