Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My 27th Birthday! Ouch!

P.S. What a nerdy picture. But in case you wonder what I look like and who the blonde talking is. Officially, in this picture I am 26. Hee, hee... it was taken 2 days prior. :P

Today Charles and I celebrated my 27th birthday. Last night I stayed up real late so I could cherish my last minutes of being 26. I so didn't want to turn 27!!!!! Aaarrrghhh! Why must time fly soooo fast?! I remember when I couldn't wait to turn 16. Then I couldn't imagine ever turning 18! I remember someone telling me that it'll be here before I knew it and then the years would fly after that. Boy, was that right! Now here I am 9 years later wondering where that time went. I barely even remember them I've been so busy. Wow! I never thought I'd have a mini van to boot! Ha! What a laugh! I've always, always wanted a red convertible. I almost bought one when I was 18 but I decided against it because the salesman's name was Romeo and he was flirting with me really bad and even tried to get a date. Forget it. I was out of there. Without my red convertible. Someday I just know Charles will get me one as a second car! He said he's totally down for that. Awesome. Anyhow. I woke up at 6am to flowers and a card. He stayed home with me and we spent the day together. I did not workout. Today was my free day. We went to PV mall (one of our favorites) and I bought myself one shirt at American Eagle Outfitters and 3 shirts at Old Navy. For Father's day I bought Charles a shirt from American Eagle Outfitters and shorts from Old Navy. Tonight at church I had nursery but afterwards Charles handed me 3 birthday cards from people and a gift. Friday Charles' family is having a get together for my birthday and Saturday my best friend and I are having lunch together and going to a waterpark together. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people in my life! How did I get so blessed? God is good.

P.S. I forgot to mention that last Sunday my parents took me out to lunch for my birthday and they bought me my waterpark ticket for this Saturday! Thanks Mom and Dad!
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