Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kyle's Potty Training Days

My 2 year old (Kyle) is potty training now. I let him decide when he is ready. So, he said he is ready so here we go. It's been 2 days and he's had no accidents. He'll be playing in another room and then I'll hear him say really loud, "I GOTTA GO POTTY"! Then I hear little pitter patter of the feet as he's running to one of his little potty chairs. He has one in the living room area and one in the bathroom. That way he can go to which ever one is closer until he gets more trained. He's wearing Sponge Bob underwear right now and boy is he proud! I have learned the hard way by realizing that there is no need to panic when it comes to potty training. When they are ready, they are ready. I tried to push my first son into it and it took 2 years to train him. A friend kept telling me that's it okay, they'll learn when they are ready. I was like, "Are you sure he won't be going to Kindergarten with diapers on?" She reassured me that it won't happen. She was right. Now I waited till my third one was ready and he's doing great. What a better way to go. There's not even bribes involved. :)

You know it's potty training time when:

1. You got little toddler toilets posted around the house including a little butt padded insert on the big toilet.

2. You go to use the bathroom and you realize there is poop smeared on the toilet seat from your toddler sliding off after he went poopy.

3. You drop everything you're holding and you jump and run when you hear a panic yell "I HAVE TO GO POTTY!" (In order to rush the little one to the potty)

4. You have to ask "Do you have to go potty in the toilet?" 50 million times in one day.


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm visiting from Addies. Your kids are SO CUTE. And I am impressed that your little 2 year boy is already wanting to go potty by nice for you. :) I love your slide show........Take Care

Anonymous said...

that is so true about it's potty time! lol i did that all the time with emma! ur kids are cute.