Saturday, May 27, 2006

Trip to the Zoo

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    We made another trip to the zoo yesterday and made a little photo album. Since we'd gone so many times before, I didn't really get pictures of animals! LOL! It was a little warm so at one point we ended up having a water fight. They do have a little water fun area that we played in first. We love their treehouse they have there for kids and the stream they can play in. So we only went to the treehouse, petting zoo, water area, and monkey village. We forgot to stop and see the new baby gorilla. She looks so cute in the paper! I Love family get togethers like this because there are no games around, TV's, or other distraction that makes it hard to visit together. I might wait a little while till it cools off though. Whew! I was constantly putting sunblock on everyone so no one got burned even a little bit. Sometimes it's nice to tan but I don't want to look old fast if I can help it! :)

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