Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Once Upon a Time...

Isn't this picture so cute? Charles and I had it made when we were newly married before we had any children. I will have to scan more stuff from our newly wed year. In the one year before I got pregnant, we had hiked the Grand canyon, swam in the Havasupai Falls (spelling?), taken a helicopter out of the canyon, went to Las Vegas (gamble free), went to Utah and flew down zip lines, rode horses, 4 wheelin, went shooting, Rock climbed, and cliff repelled. We also went to Disneyland and Universal Studios. We did all kinds of stuff. So, we haven't gone on a vacation for 5 years. So, instead we took a break while bringing 4 children in the world within 5 years. Now, we're ready to make vacation plans again. Such a fun and exciting life. What's more exciting than bring little blessings from God into the world? Certainly no money could replace that satisfaction.

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