Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Duggar Family

  • Click here to view The Duggar Family Photo Gallery

  • Charles and I absolutely admire the Duggar Family who have 16 children. Obviously you can see it on my links to their website. The link I gave you of the photo gallery shows them in the old house but actually they just moved into the 7000 sq foot house that they just built. Absolutely beautiful.

  • View video of Duggar family in new house

  • This family is inspiring to me and I like to get ideas from them on raising children because obviously they are successful. I've learned to take advice from people who have good results and ignore those who have none or just have a baby and haven't been there yet. This is a great family who set a wonderful example of families from the bible.


    Iccle One said...

    I could not cope with that many children! It's hard enough with 3 guys at work all fighting for your attention. I would like two children (God willing). We are not ready to start a family yet, so that won't be for a few years.

    Virginia Revoir said...

    I understand! You might be surprised though. I didn't think I wanted any children and now I have 4. It's true when they say you get used to each one when they come. It definitely stripped me of selfishness that's for sure! LOL! Seriously though, my kids have changed my perspective on life and I value things I never valued before. Children have helped me to even make right choices because I can't live for myself anymore. Remember that if God designed women to have children then He will also give us the strength to raise them. Thanks for writing. P.S. Once you see how cute your kids are, it's hard not to have another. ;)