Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bird Prank

Ivy loves Hank. She is so sweet with him and loves to play with him. I wish that I could have a dog but I can't right now. I'm thinking of buying some parakeets that Chaz could feed. I miss the sounds of Parakeets in my house. I used to always have some. One time Charles woke me up because he thought there was a burgler in the house. We kept hearing the tall blinds being moved back and forth. I was so confused from being woke from a very deep sleep. I couldn't disconnect the computer from the phone line and then I could hardly dial 911. I was so tired I couldn't think straight. Charles was standing at the bedroom door with a bat since at the time we didn't have a gun. About 5 cops came and we all saw where the noise was coming from. The bird had escaped and was running through the blinds back and forth. LOL! The police guys tried not to laugh and took off. It was a funny experience.

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