Monday, May 29, 2006

A Great Memorial Day

We were gonna go to my Mother-in-law's house to swim but plans changed so Charles and I headed off to the mall. As I headed off to the salon, Charles took the kids places in the mall. When we met back up, we bought shoes together and I bought sunglasses. Charles is so sweet. As we were walking through JCPenney's, he picked up a few shirts and capris for me, and cute shorts. We ate at Top Shelf, had some yummy mexican food. Then we headed to Borders and Charles took the kids to the reading area while I had coffee and read a magazine. I bought a Jessica Simpson cd and a couple of Nick Lachey cd's. We didn't leave till 11pm! We ended up having a great day! I have the most thoughtful, awesomest husband alive! He's incredible. If anything were to happen to us, it would be because of my own selfishness. Sometimes I feel I don't deserve him. No other person has ever made me feel so good about myself. Beyond, just looks (I'm no longer a size 3) but he points out inner beauty that I didn't think existed. When a man can make a woman feel beautiful, even after marriage, after babies, that man is truly a diamond.


Pfingston said...

I love it when our hubbys make us feel that way! Oh, size 3? That is soo cool, I don't think I EVER was a size 3. But it really sounds like you had a wonderful day - thats great! And I'm with you for loving the husbands that love us! Praise God, let us be good to them!

Amber said...

You are so lucky to have such a great man. It's not common for a man to be so involved with his children and so attentive to his wife's needs. You truly are blessed. I'm sure he feels the same way about you!