Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Swimming at Tammy's

Tuesday night my kids and I went swimming at Tammy's place. It was so hot the whole day! My kids and I headed to Target to buy some floaties and when I got there, they didn't have any! They had every other swimming thing you could possible buy, but no floaties. Weird. So I loaded them back up in the van and headed to Fry's and found some there. It was still clear skies and in the 100's. So when I finally got back to Tammy's house, and we got in the pool, dark skies came in. It was windy, dark, but we kept swimming anyway. After a couple of hours I headed back home and Charles so kindly offered to put them to bed so I could go back and hang out with Tammy myself. It was great! With my boys, I always put on a lifeguard certified vest and floaties so I don't have to be so nervous. It's great to have those kinds of vests because it's the only kind allowed in the big water parks or at the YMCA.

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