Thursday, May 11, 2006

Finally Moving Forward (for Chaz)

Well, we had the final meeting with everyone for Chaz. They confirmed Chaz's Aspergers syndrome and explained why he struggles so badly in a regular classroom setting. He will be attending at a certain school that is a ways from me but will have transportation right to my door. Ryan will be attending the school close by. So, for at least a little while they will be in different schools until we move. They told me that at home I have to create a "visual" schedule for Chaz because he has a hard time with transition. This will help him to prepare with what comes next. That'll take me a little bit to work on since I'm not much of a schedule person. I love to be spontaneous and have always detested schedules but I have to do it for Chaz! That'll be interesting. That also means that I can't always be running errands and such because you have to drop everything and just pick up and leave. I'm used to doing it but it can be exhausting because they are all still so little. Even when I come back from my Homemakers Club, I usually have to take a nap when I get back home. Yesterday, Charles took part of the day off because we had to go to that meeting for Chaz. Chaz will be on an IEP Plan. (Individualized Education Plan). He will be in a certain classroom that will work with Chaz's needs. There will be about 6 adults in each room that could focus on a smaller classroom. Chaz will repeat Kindergarten because he hasn't learned anything the entire year. Basically, the same problems would repeat next year if I just put him into a regular classroom. When Chaz did the testing with all the people individually, they said he worked really well. We knew it was because he didn't have all the stimulation going on around him. He had personal attention and not all the distractions. He will also have speech therapy. I am glad that I've finally worked this out. It's been a lot of testing and hard work and appointments. But it is worth it. Now he can finally learn and go forward.

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