Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Thoughts

Charles is so good to me because whenever I want to get out, he always supports me and is willing to stay with the kids so I can have fun. He rarely gives me a hard time about. I don't really care about getting a break from the kids. That's not it actually. I just can't bring kids to some places I go to. The last couple of days have been busy. Friday night I spent the night at my mom's house so I could wake up early and do a yard sale. I got up around 6am and set it up. Stopped at 10am because it was getting too hot. Then had a birthday party for my sister. Then we attended The Extreme at my church so I could see my husband play drums in his band. Last night I attended a real beautiful bridal shower. Lots of fun! I also had to get a playpen for Ivy because she is crawling now and is going all over the place. So now she is in one right now playing with her little doll house. I'm trying to read up here and there about Aspergers so I can understand it for Chaz. It's not like he's extreme Aspergers, thank goodness, but it's good to have knowledge in what he does deal with. I don't have a lot of time though between taking care of the kids, making food, cleaning, doing ministries, attending special events, and being a good wife in these different times. Nowadays, people believe in both people working, kids in daycare, and husband and wife splitting the chores. It takes a lot more to live a Godly life than it does to follow the world's ways. But, God strengthens us and helps us everyday. Thank God for the Bible that gives us instructions on living. Otherwise, I would fall in those traps also. I've learned that it is better to live with less, than live with more and not be home to enjoy it with my children. Plus I did not want others putting their "moral values" in my kids heads. I wanted to be the one to raise them. You will always receive opposition from people so don't be discouraged. That means you are doing something right. ;)

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