Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Trip to the Circus

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    Last night we headed to the circus and had a wonderful night. When we first got there, there was a little carnival in the front so we let the kids pick one ride they wanted. Ryan wanted to ride the ponies and Chaz and Kyle wanted to jump on the bouncy thing. We went to the little petting zoo area and Kyle was scared of the goats...

    Well, Ivy started getting upset because she was in her stroller and she wanted to pet them. So I let her out and at one point the goat tried to eat her clothes. Ivy kept grabbing their noses and laughing. Then we checked out the elephants close up before coming inside. Once inside, I was worried that Ivy would get scared of all the loud noises but she was the one laughing the loudest! She started shaking with excitement and squealing when she saw the ponies running around. We could barely hold on to her. She had so much fun and the boys loved it too. I was so nervous most of the time because they had no safety nets until the very end on one trick. We had a blast and so did the kids. It was great! I created a picture album but I'm sorry I couldn't get much pictures inside the circus. They don't allow it so I only sneaked a couple with no flash. I wouldn't want to be responsible for someone falling and dying because I put a flash in their eyes as soon as they're doing a stunt. :P Charles and I were on edge watching all the crazy stunts. I don't know what I'd do if that was one of my kids. When Chaz was heading home he said to us, "When I get home, just watch, I'm gonna do something cool on the bed"! Charles and I said, "No Chaz! They are professionals"! Yikes!

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    Pfingston said...

    That sounds like so much fun! My kids would love the circus, they love animals, but like you I would be nervous if the acrobats didn't have nets! Makes it hard to enjoy!