Saturday, May 27, 2006

Joined the YMCA

I finally joined the YMCA again! We haven't gone since I had Ivy. I just never got around to renewing it. But since we are waiting for the house to get done, the boys are so bored not having a back yard. Thus, this is where we will be going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That was a normal routine before and they loved it so I'm gonna take them now. There were so excited when I told them we were going back the the Y. They jumped up and down. Usually when I go, I workout, swim, shower, then sit and read a little. I feel incredibly blessed because it's a little break for me as well. In August I will have two in school so things we be a little easier also. I think Ryan is going to enjoy school so much. I know that Chaz needs a little routine for him so I told he's knows he can expect going to the Y 3 days a week through the summer. He's happy about that. He keeps track of the days so he knows.

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