Friday, December 23, 2011

Why I Shopped for Christmas Online This Year

Just like a kid I'm so excited for Christmas to be here.  I'm excited because its the season where family tries to come together.  Even ones out of the woodwork are willing to come and visit.  It's the one holiday that helps bring everyone together that doesn't normally take the time or is just caught up in busyness of life.  Everyone is dressed in festive colors, cheerful music in the background, and Christmas lights blinking.  There is just such a cheerful atmosphere and it's fun to be a part of.  I've really been relaxed this year because I did most of my ordering online and got to avoid the stores this year.  Literally, I only bought maybe 2 things from a store.  It's been nice to just open my front door and take a package from the UPS man.  Not only that,  but I rarely ever had to pay shipping costs.

I even got my nails painted with snowflakes.  :D  I kept them short this time because if they are long I can't type fast and I was constantly getting hurt doing housework.  It's just not worth the hassle so they are at a decent length.  

Yesterday we went to Walmart to pick up the last present we needed.  We actually did have one for her already.  We picked up a bike for her but recently a friend gave her a princess bike. She doesn't need two bikes so we went looking for a scooter instead.  I usually don't like shopping when it gets so close to Christmas because of the crowds, the lines, and stock tends to be low.  At first my husband said to go in with just Ryan and they will wait in the car.  So, when I finally get through the lines, I pass the security guard to my van and my family is not in there.  So I unload my bags and go back inside.  By this time my rule of never wearing tennis shoes is starting to make my feet hurt in my high heels.  Ryan and I circled around the store and went in and out in hopes to find them.  The guard asked me if I was okay because we went around so much.  I told him I lost my husband.  He's actually the one that loves to shop and I'm the one looking for him.  Finally, after about an hour I realize that he's probably in the electronics section where all guys tend to gravitate.  Sure enough he was there.  I was sooo ready to go.  Two of my kids had to potty so I sent my older ones off to the restroom while we waited.  Only one came back so I sent Ryan out to find him.  So then Chaz comes back but without Ryan.  So then I had to look for Ryan.  Finally I told everyone to just go to the van so no one else gets lost.  Thankfully we all made it out alive and together. :D  Haha.  I'm so happy I rarely had to shop in stores this season.  It was so crowded!  

We headed to Costco to get some last minute food details for Christmas.   Just as we are getting out of the van, Ivy leans over and throws up over the whole pile of jackets.  We had to run inside to get out of the cold as fast as we could.  My kids were just so happy about all the food samples.  They were squealing at each cart they found with tasty treats.  I kinda felt bad because we easily wiped out each table of all samples.  We'd leave them empty each time.  Then Ryan tells me last minute there is a children's play practice at the church. What??  I made him call a mom at church to confirm and sure enough there was. So almost as soon as we get home we had to redress everyone and turn around and leave.  It's soooo freezing outside too and Chaz is exhausted sleeping in the van.  We get there and a lady comes out to say there is no practice.  I sighed to myself thinking what a waste of a drive, time, and gas.  I could be home singing Christmas melodies by the fire.  Just kidding.  I have no fireplace.  Just as I'm pulling out a lady runs after me and tells me just my boys can come in and learn some songs.  With my family being sick, my kids haven't been able to learn them.  However, since I still had my girls, we had to wait an hour and a half till they finished.  Finally I made it home and was happy to say hello to my warm bed.  


Jen said...

Wow, that made me tired just reading that LOL. I love reading your blog about your families adventures. I have four kids and things always seem to be crazy, but it's a good type of crazy :) Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! :)

Virginia Revoir said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for writing. :D Gosh, my life became crazy at about 3 kids. LOL. Maybe even 2. There is just so much work that comes with being a mom and keeping up after everyone. But, like you said, it's a good crazy! :D

Jessi said...

That's the problem I had with getting my nails done. They were to long and it was hard to do stuff like housework lol!

Unknown said...

I loved it (your post), I went to stores this year and fought the struggle and I think next year I am SOO ordering online.