Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thinking about Kids Safety and Stranger Danger

Looks like it's time to make laundry soap again. We are all out!  It's been 8 months that I've had to make any.  It's hard to believe we only spend $5 a year on laundry soap because of it.  What a blessing!  So, after I finish my seemingly endless chores, I'll get that made so I can start on our Mount Everest pile of clothes

We've been having so much fun playing with our toys.  My fun stuff is kitchen gadgets and my mother in law bought me a really awesome one. It's a food processor and blender.  Also, Ivy and I have been making ice cream with her ice cream machine.  I didn't have all the stuff I needed from their recipe so I just made my own. They loved it!  You don't even need ice.  Soooo, if we are ever out of ice cream, I'm just gonna have to have Ivy  make us some.  Heh heh.  

I know some people might think we are a little overprotective but we've never let our kids play out in the front without our supervision.  I mean, I literally have to been sitting in a chair out with them.  Well, we just decided that the boys are old enough to finally go outside with their bikes without us.  They are 11, 10, and 8.  Also, one can never be alone and has to always have at least one other boy with them.  Ivy is pretty bummed about it but I told her not till she is 8 years old. I might even wait a little longer for the girls.  They are never, ever to go into anyone's house and they have set boundaries of how far they can ride.  I'm still nervous about it but they know if they break any of the rules, their new privilege will be taken away.  I also just found out that our ice cream truck guy is a weirdo so they are not allowed to approach that truck without me.  Or any ice cream truck for that matter.  It's not a matter of where I live. I would have these rules in any neighborhood I lived in.  These days, you can never be too careful.


Unknown said...

I agree with you about not letting the children play unsupervised. One of our neighbors lets her children run up and down the street...the MIDDLE of the street, all the time. Her youngest is 3 and he is the worst one. She doesn't seem to care and it breaks my heart. My children don't go in the front or back yard without me (or another responsible adult) and there really is no exception to that rule. WE are the protectors of our children. :)

Virginia Revoir said...

Yikes! That's crazy. I've seen kids running around in the freezing cold with no shoes on or jackets. It makes me sad. I check on my older boys about every 10 minutes. But still, if they break the rules, they lose the privilege. I can't take any risks.