Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Something Magical About Decorating the Christmas Tree

I do love when the holidays come but sometimes I experience anxiety also. I'm not sure why.  I guess because the pressures of getting the right gift for everyone can be a overwhelming.  I'm the type of person that always says I don't need anything and just enjoy buying for my kids.  I remember being little and opening gifts.  I would look over at my parents and feel sad that we didn't get them anything.  I had no money so of course I couldn't.  They would just be smiling and happy watching us.  I would ask them if they were sad and they always said no.  They just enjoyed watching us open gifts.  That seemed to impossible to me as a kid.  Now I understand.

On Sunday, Charles finally took the tree down from the attic. I was so happy because the kids had begged him and begged him. I'm not a nagger so I just asked two different times and just left it there.  Kids are so much more convincing anyway.  ;)  While I was napping on Sunday he surprised me.  I woke up to him unloading all the decorations and Christmas music playing.

Charles said we were missing popcorn and hot chocolate.  We found a bag of popcorn we could pop and had fun making it in a pan for the first time.  Usually we just pop them in those bags in the microwave.  Did you know that sometimes you have to let guys experience mistakes so you can laugh like crazy?  Well, Charles didn't believe me that you HAVE to use a lid when popping popcorn on the stove.  Nowwwww he knows why.

Remember how magical and wonderful it was as a kid decorating the tree?  I used to worry about having a perfect looking Christmas tree but now we just sit back and let them do it the way they want.  Who cares if it's perfect?  Sure there might be bald spots but that's fine.

Nothing is better than having all the lights off in the room and only having the lights from the Christmas tree.  We keep them on all day and all night.  It's just so beautiful.  It really helps to get in that cheery holiday mood too.

Chaz made and passed out hot cocoa to everyone in the house. Before I could even get a sip of mine, Ivy gulped it down.  Tee hee... It was so sweet of him though to serve everyone.  


momto9 said...

This time of year is super fun..but like u I stress about the presents too...oh well...I guess its part of it:)

Mama Duck said...

I LOVE that you let them decorate it however they want. That is so special and so much more fun for them, and so loving of you. When we teach them that only perfection will do, we set them up poorly for life with a terrible mindset. Go you!!

Unknown said...

I am the same way.. this year we are making homemade gifts. We also leave lights on all day n night.