Saturday, December 24, 2011

Making Christmas Get Togethers Work for Everyone

It's funny how when us kids grow up and get married, the next complicated thing is figuring out the holidays and who goes where.  This year we had the perfect setup.  I had Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve Eve.  Then tonight we have Christmas with Charles' family on Christmas Eve.  Then we wake up here in our own house for Christmas morning and then church service.  This has been such an amazing setup and everyone is happy.  No family is left out on either side.  How awesome!

Between my sisters and I there are 12 (and growing) grandkids and I wish I could have got a group shot of the kids but no one really wanted to.  You know how teens get, they either LOVE the camera or hate it.  I only had my cell phone camera so I missed being able to take pics with my regular one.  

Since it was being held at my sister's house, she decided we should just do finger foods.  It was soooo much easier than worrying about making a big meal so that was actually a blessing.  I brought my Chicken Wing Dip and Taquitos.

<-- Caleb kept making that funny face in each picture.

My brother-in-law Dan talking with 

I always love my family Christmases because the focus is never just on the gifts but more about the fellowship.  Just being together is such a blessing and always fun. 

My sister and her family just came back from missionary work in South Africa.  They were gone for 6 years and so it meant a lot for everyone to come together this Christmas.  They are temporarily living in a house till they know where they will be next.  This house was huge and gorgeous!  I got a lot of exercise just trying to find my kids or a family member.  The lady gave them an amazing deal to rent just for one month and I couldn't help but imagine how cool it would feel to live there.  Then I thought about what the electricity bill must be and then I said, "never mind."  Haha.  I'm really in love with my house I have still and it fits us just perfect.  Still, it's fun to dream.

In this picture my sisters were showing me a video of kids in South Africa.  Her boys were on a Rugby team and in South Africa, kids' games are on TV like the adults.  That was pretty cool!  She found a rugby team here for them to join and the coach was so excited to not only get 2 more boys on his team but experienced kids.  

My sisters had the idea to take the kids caroling.  I was so surprised they did it and it was soooo cute!    In the picture you can see little Ashley standing next to her big cousins.  She is so tiny!  It was mostly boys singing so it was low and it was funny when they forgot the words.  It was FrEeZiNg so they only went to 3 houses.

In the video they just started singing till someone opened the door. The guy opens it and his family was all eating dinner. The kids at the table started laughing so loud it was funny!  It's a terrible video with my camera phone but still fun.

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