Thursday, December 15, 2011

When Christmas Buying Goes Too Far

I think I have violent tendencies in my sleep.  No joke!  One night, in my sleep, I just did a karate kick and flung my laptop off my bed.  Charles said it really flew.  Then not too long ago I flung my fist in the air and punched my husband in the mouth.  He has to get dental work now.  Well, recently I got a french manicure so my nails are longer than what I'm used to.  Last night I hit my headboard in my sleep incredibly hard with my nails. My nails hit so hard I just laid in agony for 10 minutes till the pain subsided enough to fall asleep.  Today they are really sore.  Whenever I do these things I don't just kinda punch something.  My husband said it's with like a super human strength.  Good grief!  One night he turned his back to me he said to protect himself.  Heh heh.  

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and FEELING GREAT!  No more morning sickness (unless I say the word coffee out loud I feel a little weird).  The energy is back and I feel like I'm waking up finally to normalcy.  My husband is just awesome though and since he gets back before anyone wakes up, he lets me sleep in if needed in the morning. (That's how I get my rest, Happy Elf Mom).  Sometimes I'm doing laundry till past midnight until I just can't wash anymore.  Or waiting to mop till kids are in bed.  Sometimes while everyone is asleep I feel a little tap right where the baby is.  He/she is so little though that I have to be really still to feel it.  Pregnancy is such a gift and blessing. I used to rush these things but not anymore.  Babies just grow up way too fast.  I've been changing diapers since the year 2000 with no breaks and I've gotten to the point where there is just no rush to potty train.  We just wait till their 3rd birthday.  Once they blow out those candles we take the 3 year old out to celebrate and pick out their first underwear.  Their excitement is so cute.

Tomorrow we will be done with our Christmas shopping which is gonna make the rest of December completely relaxing!  We keep it pretty simple for Christmas.  We get each kid 3 gifts. One big one and 2 normal size ones.  This year we got each kid a bike and since we purchased it on Black Friday, we only paid $40 for the big ones and $25 for the smaller ones.  We actually didn't go out that day.  My mother-in-law picked them up at Walmart for us.  I didn't want them to have video games this Christmas so I got them stuff to be active and imaginative.  We got them costumes to play in as well.  We always purchase anything we get with cash so if we don't have it, we can't buy it.  That way there is no after Christmas stress or debt.  We've already paid off $19,000 in the past and don't ever want to go back into that.  So, no credit cards for us!  Those are like loaded weapons.  The picture below breaks my heart.  Have you noticed the increase in stories around Black Friday?  I don't even show up to those things anymore because I was hurt pretty bad back in 2002.  It was my first time and I thought everyone just waits in line peaceably.  I had no idea it was gonna be violent.  A drunk guy pushed two carts together and rammed them over and over in the back of me.  I was pregnant with my 3rd child.  I was in a lot of pain but couldn't sit down because I would've been trampled by all the craziness.  That was so scary I never participated again.

My kids can be in such a bubble at times thinking that we don't have a lot.  This makes me sad since I see what goes on in other countries and the kids even here in the states that eat once a day if they are lucky.  Abused kids scared in their own home.  Forget about presents, all they want is a safe place to stay, someone to hug them, and not be hungry.  The other day we were driving past a neighborhood that was really poor.  My kids said, "Mommy, are we in Mexico?  I said no, we are just in a poorer neighborhood.  They were shocked at the condition of the houses and how small they were.  Still, in America, we have it pretty good with all the help.  The poorest people in America are among the richest in certain places in other countries.  It's crazy how spoiled we are in America.  Sure we are all going through economic hardships but I still see some pretty full restaurants and malls.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blogs!!! Everything you write hits to home and is so nice to read.

Virginia Revoir said...

Thank you! :D

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

So even when you are asleep, you are playing Bruce Lee in your dreams! Nope you will never stop being active I guess... :)