Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Decluttering the Old and Bringing in the New: Organization

Ivy playing with her makeup
I need to stop playing with all the Christmas toys and get to work around my house.  Not just regular housework but decluttering.  Now that lots of stuff has been brought in, I need to go into each room and take out the some of the old.  I feel like I'm in a continual state of decluttering and sometimes just wish I was done with it.  Or that I had better organization genes.  I don't and just need to get over it and keeping giving it my best shot.  

Yesterday I removed the girls large playhouse from their bedroom and put it on the back patio.  I needed to move their dollhouse in and didn't have the room for it.  It's really big.  I took everything off the floor, swept and mopped, and moved the house in.  It looks sooo cute but I still have to go through all their toys and see what they don't play with anymore.  

I've been filling up boxes and stacking them.  Before Christmas I had gotten rid of at least 10 boxes but I still need to do so much more.  So, if you always hear me talking about decluttering, it's because it's always a process for me.  However, I need to do a ton so I need to really focus.  It's really hard for me since halfway through writing this post I went over to rearrange the furniture in the girls' awesome dollhouse and check out the working lights in it.  Today the key words are FOCUS and DECLUTTER.

Today I will be going through the boys' room and the girls room.  I'm crossing my fingers that if gets done.  I'm finally starting to realize that being an attentive mom is much harder than I originally thought.  In the past, because I had to run from my natural messy self, I would clean all day and just kinda blow off my kids to get stuff done.  Finally, my husband talked to me about it and asked about my relationship with the kids.  He was right.  I was more focus on being that housewife that everyone said I should be and not really KNOWING my kids.  Now, I have a fantastic relationship with each and every one of my kids.  Not only that but I really enjoy my days with them.  I thank God Charles corrected me on that issue.  However, I've struggled more in balancing housework and laundry since then.  In the future I doubt I'll regret that I had a fantastic relationship with my kids and was less worried about how perfect everything looked.  Someday my house will stay perfect.  That's not even something I want to think about.  Kinda sad.

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Chris H said...

It all takes careful balancing I agree!
But you do have to keep on top of the housework too! Otherwise you end up with an impossible amount to do.

Virginia Revoir said...

Yeah, I totally see your side too. ;) I wish I could stay on top of everything. I'm not exactly the most organized person and tend to be a scatterbrain so it doesn't come so perfectly. But you can't let it all go downhill either. There has to be some sanity. :)