Monday, December 05, 2011

Celebrating 13 Years Married and Adventures!

That doesn't feel like a long time to some but in this world, it actually is!  Thank GOD I married my best friend.  Makes the ups and downs a bit easier to handle.  :D

We had so many fun adventures in our first year of marriage.  I can't  believe how much we did before we had kids.  I got pregnant our 11th month of marriage.  Just 3 months before I became pregnant with our first, we made a trip to the Grand Canyon and hiked down it 6 hours.  Our feet were completely blistered by the time we reached the bottom and made camp. We got to swim next to the Havasupai Falls and race down the river.  It was gorgeous.  No, I don't wear bikini's anymore. Since that picture is sooooo tiny of me, I'm not embarrassed to post it. :)

Eating at the Indian village waiting
for helicopter
The next day there was a warning of a flash flood coming from the ranger.  Even though the skies were clear like you see in the picture, there was definitely one coming and we weren't taking chances.  We threw back on our 80lb packs and raced uphill 2 miles to a nearby indian village.  Even while we were quickly racing to get to safety, muddy water was rushing closer and closer next to our feet.  Once we reached the village we were safe for a bit and away from water but we had to get out of there.

Once we reached the village we took a helicopter out to safety.  The year before people had died from a flash flood so we weren't taking any chances.  Two years after this picture was taken, this helicopter crashed and killed everyone inside.  Crazy, huh?

From there we headed to Vegas. For us, it wasn't to gamble.  We just basically went site seeing and visiting the yummy buffets. My husband forgot to inform me about this part of the trip so I did not pack anything fancy at all.  So here were were walking around in hiking clothes and boots. For some reason I have no pictures of us here.  A funny memory was getting locked out of our hotel in our pajamas.  We were with family and didn't know where they were so we just had to sit by our room on the floor till they came hours later with the key.  People in evening gowns kept passing us from the elevator looking at us strangely.  

Then we headed to Utah and got to experience being at a cowboy camp.  It was such a neat place where you stay in cabins and do lots of fun activities. We went shooting, zip lining, cliff repelling, rock climbing, riding ATV's, horseback riding, sitting around a campfire at night.  It was awesome!

3 months later I found out I was pregnant with our first.  We weren't trying, but hey, it got the ball rolling and I've had 6 other fantastic, life changing surprises after that.  Ever since then we have experienced so many adventures since having kids and I wouldn't trade any of it for anything in this world.  Having a family is so awesome.

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