Thursday, December 01, 2011

Overruled: Government Invasion of your Parental Rights

This video really hits home for me since my parents and I experienced this when I was in school.  I was raised Christian.  Not just where we called ourselves Christians, I mean that my parents had higher standards than most but only to protect us.  Thank goodness.  Well, my school disagreed and forced me to go through counseling in middle school.  What was my parent's big offense?  We didn't have a TV and we weren't allowed to listen to any radio station that was offered.  Especially a particular one that was very vulgar.  Well, while sitting in one of my classes, I was surprised when the principal himself pulled me out for questioning. He said he had found out that I couldn't listen to that particular vulgar radio station.  He told me that he set up a meeting with the school counselor.  While in the counselor's office she found out that we also didn't have a TV.  So she wrote up a letter, I wasn't sure what for at that time.  When she found out I also got swats when I was bad, well, that made her really upset.  Never mind that it was perfectly legal.  What I didn't know was that she was writing that letter to CPS.  She talked to me about how my parents were abusive and over sheltering me.  She successfully turned me against my parents over time and I began to think of my parents as my enemy.  Eventually I ran away to seek a "normal" family that would let me do whatever I wanted.   Of course that "normal" family had much more freedom but I ignored the fact that the father was an alcoholic.  Sometimes the kids had to protect their mom from their dad.  Over and over I would run away looking for a family where I could do whatever I wanted.  However, each time I saw that it came with some major consequences having those freedoms.  Eventually, I fell into deep depression as I was constantly told my family were freaks.  The school had taken a confident girl on honor roll and made her into a grade failing girl with serious depression and suicidal tendencies.  I started cutting myself by high school and would burn things in my room.  I felt like I could find comfort nowhere.  Especially since the school told me my parents were my enemy.  "You have to go to church 3 times a week?  You have NO choice?"  When you have an authority figure constantly feeding this stuff into a kids brain, it's gonna do some damage.  It wasn't until I saw family after family after family who looked like they had it all and had all sorts of worldly freedom did I start to understand the love of my parents.  Those families had some major issues and weren't so happy after all. To this day those families are torn apart.  I began to find comfort in my parent's protective boundaries.  It was because they loved God and they loved me.  The scary part?  My parents NEVER knew the school did this to me until recently.  They had no idea why their honor roll daughter was spiraling down hill at an incredibly fast pace.  Don't think schools are out to protect parent's rights. I know.


Jessi said...

That is horrible what happened to you at public school! Sadly it doesn't surprise me one bit. I could go on and on about public schools and how evil they are!
I have seen this video and posted it on my blog before also. It is chilling! You are doing a good job keeping your kids safe at home with you!

Patrick said...

One issue I have with the video is that it certainly puts a twist on the facts. I'm familiar with the Lexington schools segment--I live in the town next door. The video depicts a book called "My Two Dads" with a cartoon of two men hugging, wrapped by a rainbow flag, that the video suggests was given to an elementary school student. Not only was the book not given to the student, but no such book even exists. The book & cover were apparently created for this specific video to exaggerate the story. The book at issue in Lexington was called "Who's In a Family," which was not specifically about gay parents, but included a broad range of family situations (grandparents living with family, mom-and-dad families, adoptive families, etc.). Although I'm not as familiar with the other segments, I think it's safe to assume that the video is not an accurate account of the events described therein.

Virginia Revoir said...

Whether or not that is the EXACT book I have seen actual homosexual books given to kids with my own eyes. Some of them being about 2 dads or 2 moms. The stories are fictional based off of true stories so information may be changed around but still the basic idea.

Mary said...

Dad and I are very proud that You and Charles are raising your children in the fear of the Lord. We raised you with the same Morals and standards, that our Great Nation was founded on.
The school system starting going down hill, when prayer was removed from schools. As you know, your mother is attending a community college, and it breaks my heart to see how much morals have decayed.

Anonymous said...

God in Heaven, your word assures us,
that the devil, who deceives the world, will be thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where he will be tormented day and night forever and ever(Revelations 20:10
Why should that story surprise anyone?, when America asked God to be removed from our school systems
or even the mention of his word?
and this America which
Isaiah 5:20 , Woe to those who call Evil good,
and Good evil, they call abortion
"Family planning....and God calls it the murders of millions of our unborn children every year .
Would a Christan Nation really do that?

Virginia Revoir said...

Here is an example of books offered for kids on homosexuality:

Mommy, Momma, and Me
Daddy, Dad, and Me
(among others)

Also, pretty soon these books will be forced in all schools:

This is why I homeschool. I, as the parent, will pick and choose what's appropriate for my kids. Not the schools.

Mary said...

Virginia wrote this song...