Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making Time for Fun in a Busy Season

These past two weeks have been so busy that it's been such a blur.  Just finding time to be home and clean my house is a major challenge.  So, last night I stayed up past midnight to make sure I could clean the kitchen, mop, and clean the bathrooms.  We have a couple extra kids here like usual so the kids are loving it.  :)  Even with all the busyness, the kids reminded me yesterday that I had promised them the zoo.  We packed up the van and had to take 2 vehicles there because of 8 kids and bikes. At one point I lost track of the family and managed to get a guy in a golf cart to take me around to find them.  Thank goodness!  They were so far away.

We went ahead and opened Caleb's present early, which is the wagon, so we could take him around in it.  He LOVES it!  So do I since we didn't like pushing the stroller around.

Today I'll be heading back over to my friend's house to help her pack and keep my promise.  I'm on antibiotics and feeling so much better.  Tomorrow I'll be running my neighbor around.  She just got out of the hospital and can't drive so pray I don't crash her car or anything since she wants me to drive it for her.  

So Friday we open up presents with my side of the family, Saturday with Charles' family, and then Sunday with my own family here and then to church by 10:30am.  Wowee!!  So busy yet it'll be fun.  Thankfully, even with all this busyness it is for positive things and not because my kids are sick or anything like that.  It's one thing to be busy with fun and quite another to be busy with kids having fevers and throwing up.  I'll take the fun one.  It feels so amazing to be ready for Christmas way early and just spending this time not stressing about it.  I really need to be prepared like this every year.  It's a wonderful feeling.

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momto9 said...

I wish I was ready like that too!!! Not yet but by the end of today I might be!
The zoo is so much fun...of course its FREEZING here now and the zoo animals are inside:)