Friday, December 09, 2011

In Loving Memory of Sleep

Should say "By Kids"  
Being a mom has turned me into such a light sleeper.  Not sure, but it might get worse when they are teens.  I guess we'll see.  Sometimes I get up real early in the morning, around 4am, and I'll just do a check around the house to make sure everyone is actually sleeping in their bed.  Make sure no one has rolled onto the floor. So I notice this morning that Ashley wasn't in her bed...not the couch....not the boys room.  I started to really worry.  As I'm standing in the hallway in a sleepy fog, Ashley comes out of my room and says, "hi mom."  She was in my bed!  She is so little I didn't even know she was there.  Little stinker.  The only problem is if I do walk around so much like that then I can't go back to sleep usually.  Since I only slept 5 hours I was gonna certainly try.

As soon as I close my eyes I hear clickety-clack.  My dog's nails walking across the tile back into where my kids' rooms are.  Whoa!  I threw off my covers and ran out into the hallway.  I knew exactly what my Great Dane was up to and he was looking for some indoor plumbing.  Right on my kids' carpet.  I caught him trying to go in my boys' room and as soon as he saw me he bolted.  Yep, he was up to something so I let him outside and he ran right out to potty.  So frustrating!!  He never used to do this but he's always been the dog that once he learns a bad behavior from another dog, it stays with him the rest of his furry life.  Every night we've been having to shut all the bedroom doors to make sure he doesn't ruin the carpet in the back rooms.  Yes, he has a perfectly working bladder. When all bedroom doors are shut, he always goes to the backdoor to to tell us he has to potty in the backyard.  If he had a bad bladder, he would pee anywhere.  However, the kids aren't always going to keep their bedroom doors shut and he knows he can sneak back there.  Anyway, since I had to stand and wait 10 minutes till he was ready to come in, I gave up the sleeping idea and just got some coffee instead.  :P

Ivy and Kyle have really been looking forward to their field trip at school today.  They only go to a school once a week so stuff like this is extra special. Well, a couple of days ago 3 of my kids started sounding sick.  Ivy was the worst so I took her to Urgent Care and sure enough, she has Bronchitis.  She cried her little eyes out.  She said she really wanted to see what it's like to ride in a school bus and see the special Christmas play they were going to.  Makes mommy's heart sad too.  We haven't had to experience sicknesses in the last 6 months so this is such bad timing for Ivy.  When my kids were in public school they were sick ALL the time.  It was insane.  Just being faithful to church was a miracle because the more kids you have, it takes a bit longer for sickness to run it's course.  Even if 90% of the family is healthy, if you have one little one sick, you gotta care for them at home.  Not only that but sending my kid to school sick was unfair to all the other kids (and their parents).  I always wished other parents would realize that too.  Even since school let out last May, my kids have been super healthy.  TILL this week.  Hey, that's pretty awesome.


Unknown said...

I was going to suggest ear plugs but even for the sound sleeper (if you are a mom like me), you are still programmed to wake up to babies. Oh, and if you are trying to keep the radar on for a doggie trying to piddle in the house, ear plugs are DEFINITELY not for you. LOL!! Hope your children are feeling better soon!!!

Motherhen said...

Sounds like one of my nights, although the dog here only poops on the stairs. It is a good thing mommies sleep light though, I've woken up in the middle of the night to a burst pipe (it had been going for 15 minutes already) that flooded 2 floors of our house, coyotes trying to break into the neighbour's coop and many years ago, a fire that somebody set on our front lawn.

Virginia Revoir said...

I know what you mean, Sally. Ear plugs are good idea but then sometimes I do like to hear if my baby is calling out for me though. Or a kids fell out of bed. Or a toddler is calling for water. Or if the dog is crying to be let out in middle of night (at least he used to). LOL. There seems to always be something.

Oh my gosh, Mother Hen, that is crazy! Yikes. That's freaky that someone set a fire in your front yard too.

I can't really get a crate for my dog because he's so huge that literally, it would take up a big part of my living room. He is a VERY large dog and weights 100 more than me.

Chris H said...

Aww how sad for Ivy.
I hope they are all better now.
When I had my 6 all home as little kids they got chicken pox.... one after the other, but no one at the same time... so we had chicken pox for about 4 months!