Monday, December 26, 2011

Shiny, Magical, Exciting, and Fun Christmas Morning

Christmas day with my kids in the morning was so fun.  I actually woke up before them because I was worried one of them would wander out without the rest of us. I waited and wait.  Seriously?  Kids sleeping till 9am on Christmas morning?  Okay, they must've been exhausted.  As I sat next to the bikes with Caleb, I thought maybe it was about time to wake up Charles and the kids.  After I woke Charles, he went in to get the kids.  

They came out sooooo tired looking but started to wake up fast when they saw their scooters and bikes.  We only got each kid 3 presents. One big one and two normal size ones.  The reason is that they get gifts from both sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles.  We go to the zoo often and so we really wanted them to all have bikes.  Since the girls already have bikes, we got them scooters.  The boys are so excited to go to the zoo this week.  Ivy's scooter is cute because it has a Barbie that attaches to the front with her own scooter.  I didn't put it on right away because I knew Ashley would see that and wonder why hers doesn't have one. Ashley's is a My First Scooter so she gets used to using one and not crashing.  lol.  She's so little.

Maureen (their grandma) got this amazing doll house for the girls and you can't really understand how big it is by the picture but it actually takes up my entire dining room table  It's absolutely gorgeous and even has lights inside to light up the house.  

Her grandma got her a bunch of fun Barbie bedroom sets to fill the room. I really, really need to sort through their room now and get rid of some older stuff.  Her room is pretty crowded and just too hard for her to clean.  If a room is overly cluttered, it just  mean to expect them to keep up on it when it's chore time.  If it overwhelms me then surely it overwhelms them.

The funny story is that Martin and Maureen came over at 2am Christmas morning to put together the bikes we bought.  We were already exhausted from the family get together that night and couldn't wait to go to bed.  We had to store the bikes at their house because there was no way we could hide them from the kids.  They were gonna put them together earlier but hadn't had the chance so they came over in the middle of the night. I was so surprised they were willing to do that.  We we utterly exhausted and by 5am Charles came to bed.  I crashed around 2am just before they got here.  

Right away the kids wanted to ride outside.  We sat out in our pajamas in chairs with our coffee in hand and eating peanut brittle.  They boys were just sooooo happy to ride freely.  We also appointed new rules for the boys.  Now they are allowed to ride in the front without us but we had to show them their boundaries and the rules about cars.  We even talked to them about strangers.  Within 10 minutes Kyle comes running in telling me they talked to a nice person and he didn't look or talk like a murderer at all!  We had to explain to him that they don't wear a sign saying they are dangerous.  Sheesh.  

Caleb held tightly to his prized possessions.  His cars.  He couldn't hold them all but he cuddled the ones he could.  Kids are so fun and make Christmases so magical.  

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