Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Taking Kids to Our Anniversary Dinner

We don't have sitters anymore and so we had to take our kids to our 13th wedding anniversary dinner.  It was definitely different because you kind of want the night to be about you and him but this time I had to adjust my thinking and just celebrate that we're having 7 kids in our 13 years together.  Well, it was still at our favorite restaurant and had romantic lighting like we love.

My camera broke so I've been stuck taking pictures with our cell phone. The quality isn't too great.

The boys loved their fancy glass dishes and the kids were sooooo well behaved.  I was so proud of them as they quietly ate and talked in whispers.  Ryan even said, "Mom, I will watch the kids while you and dad go sit at your own little table."  Of course we didn't take up the offer. Haha.

I'm soooo happy that I had my 2 girls together like that because they are such good buddies.  I love also how our older 3 boys are grouped together.  It works well for hand me down also.  Tee hee.
When we were dating, Charles took me to Macy's and bought us matching sweaters.  13 years later the sweaters still look new and we are so happy to wear them on special occasions.  It's just so neat they we've had them all this time.  

I've been going to this same restaurant since I was 16 years old.  I've never ordered a different plate.  However, the cost of our plate has gone up from $10 to $17.  It's still so worth it because it's DELICIOUS.

We always order:

Caleb was such a good baby but it was a little interesting since his first clear sentence he's learned is "Stop it, mom!"  Lovely.  He's DEFINITELY a two year old and showing it well.  He'll say no to his dad and then run and hide behind anything he can.

All in all the night went well.  Charles came home with some GORGEOUS flowers. I was so impressed when he told me that since the already put together flowers weren't so good, he picked 13 roses of his own to purchase.  13 for 13 years.  I still would have loved to had one night in a year alone with him but we made the best of it.  :)

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momto9 said...

Awwww you're such a neat family! Love reading your stories and happy anniversary! Matching cute!

got your message on facebook:) Yes it has changed you can find it in my profile