Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finding a Friend and Then Saying Goodbye

Cassidy and Ivy
It is really difficult for Chaz to find a good friend that he can really relate to. Also, his friend has a little sister who is Ivy's good friend.  Not only that, but their mom and I have a lot in common.  Well, today they are moving out of town. Sniff.... they will only be an hour and a half away but it's still not so easy to just stop by.  Chaz is just devastated. It's really not easy for kids with Aspergers Syndrome to make friends.  His friend also has Aspergers Syndrome and so they just really got along well.  Yesterday I went over her house to help her sort and pack.  I helped pack her son's room and daughter's room.  I really do love to sort, sift out, and organize.  It's soooo much easier doing it with other people's stuff than your own.  I've moved 9 times before we bought this house so sorting and packing is my thing. I really like it.  Of course not all by myself.  It's stressful doing it alone and that's why I wanted to come over and help.  I'm gonna miss them though.

After I left from Melanee's house I picked up my kids and the extra kids at my house and we headed to the Christmas play at our church.  It was more geared towards adults but was really interesting.  It was hard not to fall asleep though from packing all day.  Part of me felt like I just want to be home in bed but then I also want to be faithful to church.  I'm glad I did, waved a tired goodbye to my mom and remembered that I still needed to pick up two of my kids in the next city over. I let Chaz and Ivy play longer at at their friend's house to say goodbye.  It was harder for me to have to go and pick them up after the play but they needed that extra time.  Chaz cried when he left Dexter's house.  He said, "Mom, you have no idea what it's like to lose a friend forever."  :(  I know exactly how it feels.  Whether it's from betrayal, a friend moving, or passing away, we've all felt that loss.  I was so tired but it wasn't the time to be impatient.  His heart was just sad and needed someone to understand.

It's so cute when I'm washing dishes and I turn around to see that Ashley and Caleb cuddled up on the dining room floor and fell asleep together. You KNOW later in life, as teens, they would never do something so cute like that.  Ashley had set up a stuff animal and blanket to lay on and then Caleb came and joined her.  She even sacrificed her binky for Caleb so he'd be happy.  She's finally starting to say she doesn't need it.  Thank goodness.  It's very difficult to break an older one from the binky habit when there is a baby underneath that still loves them.  I used to make a big deal about age and binky use but now...who cares?  I've stopped rushing everything and following everything by the book.  Same with potty training.  Pressure from other moms doesn't intimidate me one bit.  When they are ready, then they're ready and you'll know it.

There is no way to be a perfect parent, but a million ways to be a really good one.

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