Monday, November 14, 2011

Battles with Nausea and Miniature Chickens

Gosh, I have had such bad morning sickness lately that I have to sit outside to avoid any smells in the house.  You know how hard it is when you are hungry but you can't go in the kitchen or you'll get sick?  Or change a poopy diaper without getting sick?  Oh man. I hope I can cook for Thanksgiving.  I will probably have to wear nose plugs and open all the windows.  This morning I tried to do that but the roosters were crowing too loud and Charles was tired so I had to close them.  Little stinkers.  These are my miniature chickens but their crow is still really loud.  In the picture they look big but they are adult size and I can pick them up with one hand.  I'll have to show a picture sometime of them next to the big chickens.  It's gross sometimes having to change out their bedding or refill their water right now. Normally it's not a big deal but next time I using gloves.  So worth it though for all the eggs we get for breakfast.

So my big and tough boys somehow end up here every now and then once we all go to bed. It was around midnight but I turned the lights on to take this picture.  I don't feel guilty about not giving them their own room because they all end up sleeping on the same bed or couch anyway.  Caleb is even sleeping on top of Chaz. Sooooo cute!

I was up at midnight because I tend to be hungry alllllll the time.  If I don't eat I get really bad nausea.  How's that for keeping weight off, eh?  Yeah, this baby is gonna help me get some pounds on if this keeps happening.  The doctor tells me to eat a carrot or something.  Ha!  That's like serving a vegetable dish and putting a candle in it for someone's birthday.  Just mean!

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