Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A 6 Year Old's Idea of the Perfect Job

It was late at night and my daughter Ivy had a lot of heavy thoughts on her brain she needed to unload before she could sleep.  

Ivy playing cashier at Children's museum
Mom, remember when I would come to you and tell you something was wrong with me when I'd go to the bathroom?


Well, I was tricking you. I just wanted you to take me to the doctor because I LOVE going to the Dr's.  They make me happy, give me treats, sometimes tickle me, and make me feel better.  

Well, if you like Dr's so much, when you grow up why don't you marry one?

Because, mom, they work all day until dark time and I'll hardly ever get to see him.

Oh, that is so true.  What about a car mechanic?  They like to fix cars.

Same thing.  They are just so busy fixing other people's cars.

What about someone who fixes computers?  Then they can fix your computer too.

Yeah, but then when the computer breaks he'll always have to be running to the store to buy stuff.

What about if you marry a pastor?

Mom, I want to be able to sit by my husband in church.

Oh yeah, that is so true! (Haha.)  Okay, Ivy

Chaz "unloading the truck."
Mom, all I can think about is I don't want doctors, bus drivers, soccer, football, and baseball players, a pastor, a guy that works at the zoo, or a guy that has to clean all the time. I don't want to marry any of those.  

Why not?

Because those things are hard on a husband and I want to be able to see him.  

What about a guy who takes care of flowers?

Only mommies take care of flowers.  

What about marrying a teacher?

No, because every day there is always school. The next day, and the next day....

Ivy, I think you're gonna have to marry a guy that works from home.

Okay!  Goodnight, Mom!



Anonymous said...

Why did you tell her to marry a doctor instead of becoming a doctor herself?

Virginia Revoir said...

Because Ivy has told me over and over she wants to be a mommy like me who stays home to take care of her kids. We talk often about this subject and I've told her many times she can do whatever she wants. But... she wants to be a homemaker so that makes me smile.

mamamia said...

what a gorgeous conversation! :)

Chris H said...

What a cute conversation!