Sunday, November 27, 2011

Judge Beats Daughter-How Far is Too Far?

This video is so heartbreaking...

How far is too far?  Of course this beating was beyond "too far."  It was flat out abuse.  It completely broke my heart watching it and I just kept putting my head into my hands because it was too hard to watch.  He beats her and beats her for something small (in comparison).  She's not even yelling at him back. She's not punching or cussing out her father.  She's only begging for him to stop.  How cold can you possibly be?

I'm not against spanking but in NO WAY is a swat close to a beating.  A swat is meant to just give a quick sting to bring attention to a serious offense.  A small and quick discomfort.  This father wacking her over and over seems to me that he was just getting all his anger out on her that he already had festering inside.  Seeing the mom stand by and watch was just SO SAD.  Yes, I know she said she was brainwashed but I've been in a brainwashed relationship.  Thankfully I didn't have a kid in that situation but I guess it's hard for me to imagine hearing my daughter plead for a beating to stop and doing nothing.  Although spanking is not against the law, there are other ways to punish such as groundings or having to earn money to replace something misused.  Also, there is a different between childishness and foolishness.  You wouldn't beat a child for leaving their bike out in the rain.  That's being forgetful often times and the best punishment for that would be to take the bike away for a week.  

He's a judge???  Wow, please tell me people are smart enough to re-elect someone different in 3 years.

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Chris H said...

I saw this video when it first come out in the media...SHOCKING!
AND he got away with it.