Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Our Halloween 2011 Family Fun

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In the morning of Halloween day I woke up with a bad migraine.  Thankfully, my husband comes home in the morning and so he sent me back off to bed.  I was super nauseous and just needed to pass out.  3 hours later I still had a migraine but waved goodbye to my husband as he went back off to work.  By the time the migraine went away I had to get the kids bathed and ready for their costumes and trick or treating.  First I needed to shave the boys head since I had gotten behind on it. This time I took them on the patio so there wouldn't be a mess in the house.  Baby Caleb screamed so loud I was sure the neighbors would call the cops on me.  Maybe they just thought it was Halloween sound effects.  Even through all his head shaking, bouncing and screaming, I was able to get him finished along with the other boys.  I saw Ashley eyeing the shaver so I quickly unplugged it and put it back away.  Phew!  That would be terrible.

We had so much fun taking our kids out in their costumes and getting candy.  It was pretty obvious to us that it seems to be dying out around here as we would have to pass 10-15 houses before we could find a candy one.  You have to walk a large part of the neighborhood to get some candy but I mostly did it for the kids to have fun and visit with each other and family.  It's obvious my kids don't get a lot of exercise because they were complaining of sore legs right away.  I tried to explain to my soldier son that he might want to get used to some walking if he's to ever join someday.  LOL.  He complained the most.  We had a lot of fun with Charles' family too and everyone looked so cute.

My cool Ninja Kyle who set his teddy down
for the picture
After trick or treating we headed to the church's festival for the kids.  They had games for them and candy with prizes to win, face painting, etc.  Of course they had the rule that there was to be no scary costumes.  While my kids were there, Charles, baby Caleb and I went on a date at Applebees.  We only had 40 minutes to sit together but it was really nice.  Caleb seemed to be getting sicker and sicker as the night went on.  We eventually had to remove his costume because he was getting hot, possibly with a low fever.  I felt so bad for the little guy. 

The kids had a great time though and made out with a good amount of candy with trick or treating and the festival combined. When we got home I made everyone empty out their bags so I could inspect everything.  After I checked it all, hid my stash I took from each bag, I laid them down for the night.  I think these guys were just pooped but fell asleep with a smile on their face.  Maybe it was gas though from all the candy.  Who knows but I'm enjoying my hidden stash as I write this.

Both my girls were modest cheerleaders with no tummy showing or short skirts.  I was proud that this was important to them too.  :D


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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Awww, man! If Ashley got to the razor and you posted the Halloween pics, only THINK of the cool comments you would get! :)