Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boys Come in All Different Types

I need to recover my dining chairs since they're pretty abused and dirty looking no matter how many times you scrub them.  It's an almost white microfiber cover on the seats.  When we first bought the dining set I told Charles I needed to put a clear plastic over them, then staple gun underneath to protect the color.  He said no way, it's already easy to clean.  Those chairs are a pain in the butt.  He admits now he should've let me cover them.  

Well, while getting ready to head to the fabric store, Ryan was the only one up so I took him along.  He had never been to one before.  He absolutely loved the store and could imagine all the possibilities.  He picked out some blue faux fur fabric and asked me if I'd make him a pillow with it.  First off, the lady didn't even cut the material straight and I didn't notice till be got home.  There are no returns allowed.  While looking at it and measuring, I was thinking it'd be a pain to keep that pillow clean.  So I asked Ryan if he's rather me just make a pillow case out of it so he can just pull the pillow out real easy.  He loved the idea.  :)

You know, boys can be such boys!!  It's so cute.  I didn't realize that when Caleb laid down for his nap that he was cuddling a motorcycle and put a toy car right next to him on the other pillow.  So cute!  

Boys can be so different in their personalities. You can have the BOYS where they would get bored in fabric stores and silly girl stuff and then you have the boys that are the gentler type, likes to cook, go on errands. and even visit a fabric store.  I love my boys all around.  :)


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

We made pillow cases, too! Hello Kitty and cute "ELF" prints. They are so easy to do, they just take a bit of time with machine setup and looking after littles, etc.

I love that groovy neon blue pillow. :)

Motherhen said...

I love that my kids have different interests too. I love the motorcycle bedtime scene. Now I want to see your recovered chairs! Mine are in desperate need of recovering, maybe after Christmas.