Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Discovering Head Lice on Kids! Ack!

I can't believe what I discovered several days ago.  My daughter had been itching her head and just as we were about to head to church, I found some lice on my daughter's head.  I was completely shocked since this has never happened in 11 years of having kids.  What the heck???!!  Of course we were not going to church and we won't be able to till I make sure this problem is completely cleared.  We are going nowhere and no one is coming to our house.  

"Lice infestations are very common in families that have young children attending daycare, preschool and grade school." -wiseGEEK

I have no idea how they got it.  We were around some kids a week ago and a week ago before that, that sometimes struggle with it.  Also, they go to children's church, Caleb goes to church nursery, and my 4 older kids go to school once a week.  They could have gotten it from anyone of those four places.  Anyone that sends their kids to church, school, or with friends knowing their kids may have lice are completely rude in my eyes.  More than rude. Heartless.  However, just like me, sometimes we have no idea until we shockingly discover it one day on the way to church.

What do Head Lice Look Like?

Ivy has it the worst, Ashley a little bit, and the boys do NOT have it at all.  So it's obvious that Ivy was the carrier.  Since the boys have the possibility of getting it, I took them outside and completely shaved their heads down as close to the skin as possible.  They are almost completely bald.  Well, even though they don't have lice, the fact that they are bald, the boys don't want to be in their school play now. Ivy is heartbroken.  I told her if she's cleared up in time I will let her still be in it.  However, I'm not gonna do that unless she is 100% clear because I'd be a jerk of a mom otherwise to put another mom through this.  If we have to stay in this house for 2 weeks to make sure, that's fine. 

How do I remove headlice from my home?

Today I am bagging up alllll stuffed animals and sealing them for 4 weeks. I've been washing all pieces of clothing and will be every day, all day till it's cleared.  I still have to go buy the bed spray but we have been having kids sleep in our leather couch for now.  This is such a pain in the butt and I've still managed to keep on top of homeschooling which is a miracle.  The link I just gave above gave even some great ideas for me to use to rid of this.  I've known parents to treat the head but not the house and that's why they continually get it.  It's important to treat everything possible.
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