Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fighting Mommies on Facebook

Caleb holding his pants up and dancing
My husband and I were sitting in the homeschool room yesterday and just talking about how fast time flies. Baby Caleb walks into the room with just his little diaper on and talking to us.  If he sees you have a drink he will climb onto your lap and try to talk you out of it so he can have it.  I have no idea what he's saying but it's probably some sort of a sales pitch as to why he should have that drink and not you.  Charles said, "I can't imagine not having little ones around anymore."  It's so true.  It's WONDERFUL!  Yet, it's HARD raising kids

I have people all the time say, "Oh, you just wait till they get older, it gets so much easier.  They don't wear diapers, don't need help getting something to eat, and it's easier to go places."  Yeah, that does sound easier on my body but not on my heart.  I loooove having my little diaper babies toddle up to me and take me by my hand to show me what they want. Or show me something their excited about that's tighty held in their little hand.  I love having conversations with the kids about their future even though they are only in elementary school and their minds might change a thousand times before they are an adult.  I love that the girls always want to be just like their mommy and the boys want to be just like their daddy.  Things change fast when they are teens.  

I've almost completely backed out of mommy groups on Facebook because there seems to be so much fighting over different beliefs on raising kids. People having a hard time letting each other have an opinion. There is always the argument of how many kids someone should have and what age they should stop at.  On one extreme, some feel you should leave it up to God and on the other some feel only 2 should suffice. Although there is no law about how many kids someone should have, people fight about it like there is.  If you want to start something really explosive, bring up the subject about vaccines, the Duggars, or spankings.  For the sake of my heart, I had to back out of the groups.  I looove visiting for sake of learning, gleaning ideas from each other, and the encouragement.  However, sometimes there seems to always be the fighters on there looking for a debate to start. I wish, I wish, I wish moms could understand this one point.  If they did, they could peaceably have discussions.  This applies to moms (and mother-in-laws) we know in person and moms we know online.....

There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I find the Duggars mildly interesting. And saying this in the nicest way possible: WHO CARES about the Duggars? Most people can't have that many children OR get a reality TV show. It's like debating whether a Hollywood star should wear this purse or that one. You can't afford the purse, so you have to nag and criticise the (ahem, admittedly ugly) purse this lady is taking out on the town, etc.

Most of it is sour grapes or trying to dress up their parenting internet-style. :)

Miss Janet said...

You have a beautiful gang of children!

Abundant blessings,


mamamia said...

I'm having a hard time with FB mothers as well. I guess I'll never understand why we can't appreciate the differences we bring to a community. It's so sad that nowhere is safe from attack.
I do love that some of my kids are grown up, but i can cheerfully say that while I have little ones at home, lol! I may change my tune when I have to wait for visits from grandchildren to get those special moments! I do have 1 little granddaughter now, and she is such a delight to us! She loves coming to visit and stay when her parents are working at the same time as there is always some one to play with or snuggle with.

Lyndsay (Tiny House Homeschool Mom) said...

My husband said something similar to me recently. We almost didn't have anymore than two. NOw we have three and are talking about lots more. He turned to me and said he can't believe that he didn't want and he can't wait to see how many more are in our future.
We love having a baby in the house. It is very strange when they are no longer babies anymore. My youngest will be 1 next week and I can't believe it.
Also very well said. I avoid mama drama big time. I have found one group on FB that is absolutely wonderful. I love those other mamas..we are all very close.