Tuesday, November 08, 2011

12 Week Ultrasound

I was super nervous about seeing my OB because she was worried about my kidneys if I got pregnant again.  However, she said that if any trouble even begins to try and start up she will put me on a low dose antibiotic.  Since I have not had any infections for 2 years since our pastor prayed for me (which is a total miracle), she is not going to do it just yet.

hand towels instead of paper towels?  Awesome!
This is a special OB office as it is only for high risk pregnancies. I wasn't sure if they would accept me again but they did right away since I was with them in my last pregnancy.  It's like walking into a spa.  You don't even know there is an OB office inside of it.  As soon as I walked out of the restroom they took me into their high tech ultrasound 2D/3D room to get some pictures.  I was surprised and so happy to see my baby!
Another thing I love here is that they make you feel comfortable by giving you a really soft robe and blanket rather than those stiff hospital looking ones and with a paper for your lap.  It makes me feel more like a person rather than just another patient that walked in.  They never ever rush me in my appointment and stay to talk as long as I need.

At the beginning of my last pregnancy they gave me a $50 gift certificate for the spa and when Caleb was born they gave me a $100 certificate for any procedure I would like done.  Whether it's laser treatment, massage, pedicure.  Whatever I wanted. So this time they just gave me a gift certificate for a facial.  Man, one of these days I just need to cash it all in and have a girls day there.  :D 

Back to the ultrasound.  I laid back in a really comfortable table with a large screen in front of me to see the baby.  I was so surprised to see how developed the baby was at 12 weeks.  He/she was jumping around and moving it's beautiful hands.  She didn't rush through the ultrasound and we just talked about the baby and all kinds of other stuff.  It's just such a relaxed atmosphere.

I know I'm super early, yet I did find out Caleb's gender at only 13 weeks along.  She said she didn't want to tell me in case I would be upset if she were wrong.  I mean, I am only 12 weeks. I told her it's not a problem because I have both boys and girls. I'm just happy for a healthy baby.  She said at this early of the stage the best way to look is from the side. If it's a boy, you can see something going straight up.  If it's a girl, you can see something sticking straight out (see picture).  She asked me what I thought and I replied instantly, "A girl?"  She said she thinks so too but only gives it a 70% chance.  So we'll see in the next ultrasound in two months.  Next time it'll be a 2D and 3D ultrasound so I'll have some really neat pictures.  Whether the Lord blessed us with a boy or a girl, we are very happy.  


Alice said...

I love your sweet little one's ultrasound picture! I think we must be due around the same time (I found you through your FB group which I subscribe to!) - I am 12 weeks tomorrow with my 6th baby. I am very familiar with the "angle" theory, and I do think yours looks like a girl! I have five boys so far, and one of them did have a little line sticking RIGHT up. The others were less upright. My 5th baby boy had a similar look to the one on your scan picture, but was definitely angled up more than that. I have my scan on Monday next week and I can't WAIT to look out for that little line! :) I would love a daughter but I am expecting it will be a boy, and I'm happy to let God bless as He chooses! I love my boys! :)

I will be so eager to see if it IS a girl for you at the next scan!

Unknown said...

Wow...isn't it sooo incredible??? My first sonogram was at 7 weeks and at that point you can't see much at all. I go in 4 weeks for my 20 week so I am really looking forward to seeing my lil' peanut!! SO happy for you! :)

The Skinny Turtle said...

I didn't know you were expecting! I lost all my bookmarks and couldn't remember the name of your blog. So glad I found it again!

I am pregnant too! I'm just 10 weeks and have my first OB appt tomorrow. I'm sick, sick, sick, which leads me to believe this is a girl, as I was much sicker with my Kate than I was with the boys.

How fun that we are pregnant together! I'm bookmarking your blog and will follow along from now on!