Monday, November 21, 2011

Rug Doctor to the Rescue

This last weekend was just crazy because we are still trying to clear up any last bug problems there could be.  I think we've gotten a handle on it but I took it a step further and rented a Rug Doctor to clean all the carpets and kids beds. I also cleaned all of our dining chairs with it.  It was just crazy and a ton of work.  Lugging this thing around and constantly emptying out the dirty water and refilling with clean water and solution was tiring.  After 8 hours of cleaning all the carpets I locked the bedroom doors.  So relieved be to done with it!  The house smelled really good though.  Several times in the night I woke up with arm spasms.  Pain just shooting through my right arm and it was really painful. Charles had to get up with Caleb and changed him since the thought of me having to pick him up sounded too painful.  I am really happy to clean the carpets anyway because awhile back we were dog sitting for a friend and the dog kept sneaking back to pee on our carpets.  Then our Great Dane thought he could too so we kept having to clean it up.  It just needed to have some serious cleaning.  I'm happy it's done in time for Thanksgiving.  :)  I cleaned all the carpets in the house 4 times over and all the rugs 2 times apiece.

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See my nails on my wedding day?
Over the weekend while running errands I took Ryan with me.  He doesn't mind getting drug to the salon and other boring places.  I took him with me when I got my nails done. The guy doing my nails was a real meanie but I didn't complain because he is amazing at what he does.  He does my french manicures like no one else I've ever seen.  He knows I like to keep them shorter too because I need to be able to function.  Charles has been begging me forever to get my nails done again.  I finally drug my feet in to get it done for him.  For 13 years he has talked about how he loved my french manicure when we were dating.  

Whenever I would try to grow out my own nails they would just crack.  So when I got back from the salon he was thrilled!  Well, if he's happy, I'm happy.  :)  It has really been hard getting used to typing with them though and remembering not to be such a tomboy.  They are kept at a shorter length though or they would drive me crazy.


Unknown said...

I love your nails!! I would love to have mine done again...someday. And so glad to hear that you were able to get some deep cleaning done on your carpets. My living room carpet needs shampooed badly...I just may have to rent one of those things!

Virginia Revoir said...

Hi Sally! If you do here is link for a coupon. :)