Friday, November 04, 2011

Procrastinators and their Children

Ryan and Caleb enjoying the sunset
Ever since the day I took that pregnancy test I felt like my life went from smooth sailing to a whirlwind.  Not because I was worried about having my 7th kid (whoa, that's a big number), just the symptoms that come along with a pregnancy.  I'm 32 and that's not old at all but this pregnancy seems to be the one that's taken me out the most.  My house went from something I could be proud of to reminding me of my good ol' days where crazy unorganized was my middle name.  Now I'm sleeping 10 hours at night and then having to lay everyone down so I can take another nap in the day messes with my sleeping patterns at night. Some nights my body is exhausted but my mind can't shut down long enough to sleep. Some days it's bad headaches which are a common thing in my pregnancies.  Morning sickness is up and down.  But oh, how I hate sympathy and excuses.  If I always caved in to my emotions and feelings all the time then I'd just be sun tanning in my backyard and giving up.  Maybe the second trimester will bring me much more energy and I can get caught back up again on everything.   When I'm not feeling morning sickness, headaches, or extreme tiredness, my husband knows not to get in the way and let me clean like a crazy mad lady.  When I get those small opportunities, I'm not picking up the phone for anyone.  Hence why I sanitized, cleaned out my fridge, and mopped the floor at midnight last night.

I tell my kids every day that homeschool comes first, then our chores, and then play.  When I homeschooled before it was chores first, homeschool second, and play last.  That's a major mistake because sometimes I'd get so caught up in cleaning that I'd be too tired to really work with them on their school work.  I hold myself to the same standard, no playing before working.  The kids still test me on it every single day.  Believe me, they test me on their chores too.  They hope I'll just give in one time and because I have before, that's why they'll push me.  Kids feed off of a parents comprising and inconsistency.  I have to remember that. They need boundaries and teaching them that play can come before work is not a good set up for adulthood.  

Picture we printed for her assignment.  Puppy in
 the middle is classroom stuffed animal
One this is for sure, I'm a huuuuge procrastinator.   In fact, I put the PRO in procrastinator.  Here is how.  Back when Ivy was 5 I FINALLY went and got her birth certificate because she needed it for school.  I didn't feel so bad when I saw other moms pulling their 5 year olds into the room to get theirs.  Well, I lost it and now the school is demanding it.  I can't find it anywhere even though I can find everyone else's .  So the school gave me a notice that if I don't get it in by October 28, she can no longer go.  Well, since my daughter only goes once a week on Fridays, I figured I'd get it really soon, even if she had to miss this Friday.  The only problem is, last Friday she got an special assignment from her class that must be returned. They have a class stuffed animal where you bring it home for a week and then write a paper about it and attach a picture.  Well, not only did we barely get it done the night before (late), she's not supposed to be in school today.  I'm gonna sneak her in one more day so she can complete the assignment and return the stuffed animal.  Somehow I'm hoping to get the certificate after my OB appointment depending on how exhausted I am.  It WILL be done before next Friday so she can go.  Sigh.  Just ridiculous to do this kinds of stuff and get myself in trouble.  I hope they don't chase my van down after I drop her off.  Ivy is looking forward to showing her class she finished her assignment.
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