Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast

Okay, this has been my first experience with this nightmare. Some don't feel like it's a big deal but it was for me because it kept us out of church for 3 weeks and we actually battled it for 4 weeks.  IF ONLY I knew what I know now it would've been dealt with WAAAAY faster.  So a professional came out to my house and showed me exactly how it's done.  At this point it had already been 3 weeks and I felt like I wasn't getting very far.  Also, I was taking the more expensive route.  Isn't there a better way?  The idea of washing every single clothing and bedding item in my house seemed so daunting.  Especially with this size family and all that comes with it.  So, to save you the headache, I would love to share what I learned from this wonderful angel that came to my house.  

Originally, I kept buying those lice kits and they are expensive.  There is nothing wrong with those and it's great to use to kill the bugs already hatched and crawling around.  However, you HAVE to get the eggs. Every single one of them and you can only do that with a lice comb.

$4 Amazon or at
Sally's Beauty Supply
I first bought this comb for only $4 and although it does get the eggs out, your kids won't like you very much since it pulls out some hair.  It does work though and is cheaper.  Do NOT use the combs that come in the lice kits.  They are completely worthless.

$11 Amazon
Instead I ordered this comb from Amazon for $11 and it's much more friendly to kids but not to the bugs.  You will definitely get any and all eggs out with this comb.

Wash your child's hair and then condition really good.  Don't rinse the conditioner out because this is gonna help get the eggs out when combing through.  The picture of the girl shows her hair dry but when I'm doing it, it's wet with conditioner on it.

Make sure to separate hair into sections and start right at base pulling all the way out to the ends. Wipe comb each time onto a paper towel but always on a dry spot each time.  Keep folding paper towel to wipe on new sections. When it's used up, put in a zip lock bag and cut another piece of paper towel to use.  Don't just pull comb down with each section but also sideways and back up.  Eggs can be laid in all directions of the hair and this way you are sure to get it.  Once you finish a section, pin it out of the way to start on a different section.  Take special care to look around the crown of the head, surprisingly, this is where I've found the most each day I combed through.  When you are finished, make sure all used paper towels are sealed up in a ziplock bag before throwing away.  Also, rinse and put your comb in a ziplock bag and put in freezer overnight.  Repeat this procedure every day till you find not even one egg after you've combed through hair.  Even one egg missed will become a problem so it's good to really make sure.

The first night only I bought a spray for only $5 that kills bugs on the bed or any other non-washable item. After it dried I vacuumed the beds.  Each night before they go to bed I would throw all their bedding and pillows into the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat.  After they wake up I do it again.  The reason is throughout the day they they go to their bed sometimes to rest or just play and if they do have any bugs, it can get back on the bedding.  Then repeat that night drying the bedding on high heat before they lay on it.  It kills the bugs.  I also dried all of their stuffed animals they slept with at night.

Another tip is you can fill up a spray bottle of vinegar water.  It can help loosen up the eggs and also help to prevent lice being able to lay eggs on their head.  If you get a notice from the school that lice is going around, this is a good precaution.  You can spray on their hair each morning before sending them off to school.

Don't worry about washing every single item of clothing in your house.  Lice can't live without human blood for more than 2 or 3 days.  I only worried about washing things they would come in close contact with.

I've kept my kids out of church for obvious reasons of not passing it around and it's soooo not nice to send kids to school until they are totally clear.  I hope this helps and please leave me a comment any time if you have any questions!


Iccle One said...

Sorry to hear you had to go through all of this! Headlice are horrible, I experienced them a few times as a child, because I had clean fine hair & went to a public school. I don't remember having to go to such drastic measures, but I guess with a family of 4 there's less people to pass it to.

I do remember getting headlice as an adult though, which was annoying, because I went to support a Mum with a toddler, and it turned out the toddler had I got them too! Fun times.

The very fine comb and conditioner is definitely the best thing to use. Mine all ended up down the plughole though! Ewww horrible things!

nate and marne said...

oh man, i feel your pain. my daughter has had those nasty things three times in the last year. she goes to a franklin school, and must be getting it there somewhere. it is very frustrating!! the professionals have come out twice, and are expensive!! good luck!!

Zsuzsanna said...

My first thought when I read the title was "cut off the head?"

I am so sorry you have been dealing with this while pregnant :( Glad you found something that worked. I've never had to deal with this as a mom yet, but as a child, I got it once or twice and my mom hated it.

Rebecca said...

Something else to keep in mind. They don't like dirty heads they love love love clean ones so your kids are like a magnet for them. Make it a habit to put their hair in pony tails and use hairspray to hold it. It is the best defense system. My daughter never got them for this reason. However in second grade I had them all year and the kid next to me was the culprit even though his mom was blaming us. My hair was down to my rear then too...ouch!