Friday, November 11, 2011

My Idea of a Perfect Homemaking Day

Kyle said he was training Caleb how to play soldier
What an awesome, awesome day Thursday was.  I have a goal in mind and that is I want to be finished homeschooling the kids for this grade period by the beginning of May.  The reason is because this baby is due on May 21.  I really, really don't want to be worried about homeschooling and would love to have that summer break to just be with the baby and recover. Right now I'm super spoiled and get plenty of rest every night but I very well remember what it's like having a newborn.  Absolutely adorable but so time consuming and the word "exhaustion" comes to mind.  Soooooo, it'd be great to just have the summer for all that.

Well, homeschooling went fabulous today. All four did really well and truly did their best. I sat with them and helped explain all kinds of goodies like Math and Science.  My weakness is Language Arts because I hate grammar and punctuation.  If you notice bad grammar and bad, punctuation, on, here, well, that's, just, my weakness.  Especially, commas.  Wink.  Spelling is my favorite though and it was super hard not to grade my husband's love letters when he first would write them to me. Tee hee.... He laughs about it now because he knows I would NEVER do something so weird as insult a love letter. It was the heart of  the letter that melted me.  My husband is a genius so I can't say much by picking on his spelling.  Anyway, today we put priorities first.  Daily devotionals, homeschooled, chores, play, dinner around the table, baths, bedtime for kids, then my own personal cleaning time.

Flower picked from my rose bush. :)
Whoa, do I get tons accomplished when kids are in bed.  I completely decluttered the front half of the house. I mean like pulling furniture out to see what's hiding, behind the piano, under the armour, cleaning off anything on counters, sanitizing bathroom, bleaching and washing shower curtain, washing living room drapes, sweeping, mopping, cleaning out microwave.  Whew!!!!  I wasn't done till 2am but you know what's best about getting all that done?  I didn't miss a moment with my kids. Those 2 hours I would've used up during their wake time but helping them complete the list above (devotionals, homeschool, checking their own chores, making dinners, giving baths, laying them down) takes a lot of time.  Especially when you stop frequently to talk with little ones or settle a dispute.  Yesterday was my idea of a perfect day.  Sigh.

I would like to take yesterday and Copy and Paste it for today.  :D


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

They are SO CUTE! And I'm so glad you are doing so well. Do take good care of yourself as that is so much more important than a clean house. Everyone can live in filth for a bit if it means a healthy baby.

Love to you and your family, friend! :)

momto9 said...

I uesed to stay up till 2 am to do that:) Cant seem to anymore. But it does feel good to start the day with an organized and clean house:) Glad you had such a good day!! Too bad copy and paste only works on the computer:):)

Chris H said...

Will you be finding out the gender of your new baby? How exciting next year is going to be.

- said...

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Jessi said...

I have to admit I can be OCD about cleaning. I don't have kids yet so when I put something somewhere, it stays there. I know that will change when children come along lol. I will have to let my OCD on having a clean house go.