Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why Does it Hurt The Wallet to Eat Healthy?

My family absolutely loves fish and especially squash to go with it.  My favorite way to shop in a grocery store is to ignore all the center aisles and just shop around the edges.  Where all the healthy and expensive stuff is.  You know why I hate coupons and I never use them?  One day I noticed that is was for all processed foods.  I rarely see coupons for healthy stuff. Grrrr....

The problem is that it hurts the wallet.  They say we have to eat healthy and stay away from all that processed stuff.  But then how can we when it's just not affordable?  I know, I do watch out for sale prices.  I don't always get lucky. I'm just annoyed how cheap it is to buy Twinkies that taste like cardboard.  Think about it.  You can go to Burger King or McDonalds and get a burger for only $1.  Those burgers are ridiculously high in calories and tons of other yucky stuff.  It's sooooo easy to grab rather than make a healthy meal and make dirty dishes.  But I have to fight the temptation and stop eating what's easiest.  It's not good on my waist, that's for sure.  (I don't make the fish in butter so I just sprinkle it with Cajun season to give it a good taste with a kick.)

I do cook the sliced squash in I Can't Believe it's Not Butter rather than regular butter just because we love it that way.  I don't like to cook it alone without the butter flavor on it.

I know this might sound odd but we no longer use those large dinner plates in our house.  Except for holidays (wink).  We use the salad plates instead to keep our portions under control.  So the picture above is the fish and squash on a salad plate.  I try to tell my husband that it doesn't count when you pile it as high as you can without the tower falling over.  Tee hee....  


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Very lovely dinner! And, more salad plates fit into the washer than the big ones! :)

Mickey Blumental said...

Your food looks lovely and yummy!

It's expensive to eat well because quality raw ingredients are naturally more expensive.

In the long term the processed food is more expensive to you in an entirely different way... It costs your health and you can't really put a price tag on that.

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