Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Speaking of Natural Disasters

Speaking of natural disasters, my naturally disastrous kids like to tempt me into throwing all their stuff away. 

This summer I put up their toys because they are always swimming, playing video games, or just riding their trikes throughout the house.  The toys really are never touched and would just get left everywhere after looking at it for 2 seconds.

Yesterday I had an extra 3 kids over and there were some blankets on the floor.  I thought it'd be fun to kick one of them with my bare feet.  I didn't know there was a metal scooter hidden inside one of them.  Ohhh, the pain.  I didn't make any noise in childbirth (that shocked me into silence) but this made me whimper.  I've already broken both my pinkie toes, my pinkie finger, and possibly put a fracture in my elbow.  Reoccurring injuries make it to where they never heal.  Charles keeps telling me to wear tennis shoes.  I don't wear tennis shoes.  That's for working out only.  Or maybe hiking a mountain with a cute matching workout outfit.

It's either barefoot or heels, baby.  There are no in betweens.  

This week its Vacation Bible School at church but its not nearly as long as other churches.  About half the amount of time so it's not really worth it to drive back home.  Instead I've been hanging out with friends and doing fun stuff in the area till its over.  In fact, since the tanning place is just down the street from church, my friend and I have gone every night.  What should only take 15 minutes takes us about about 45 because my friend is the socialite of the century.  She'll talk to anything that moves.  If you go for a gallon of milk at the store, you might as well bring a cooler to hold it in because by the time she's done talking to the check out lady, the milk will have gone bad.  Ha!  I like to go through self checkout and avoid talking to anyone and she hates those for that reason.  She HAS helped me to be more sociable with humans and I have probably helped her from talking to animals and rocks.  So, we're good for each other.


Zion said...

Barefoot or Heels! That's great. Have fun at VBS.

Shannon said...

Love your blog! New follower from

Taryn said...

I wear the velcro sneakers (at Walmart) around the house. I have always worn shoes(sandals,etc.) in the house. I homeschooled and when family asked me why I always wear shoes I tell them this is where I work.

Virginia Revoir said...

Shannon, thanks for following. I'm gonna hop on over and visit your blog. ;)

Taryn, it's so hard for me to wear tennis shoes. I don't know why. I like them when working out or maybe doing dirty work outside. I love the feel of the tile on my feet when indoors. But yikes! The price I pay.