Friday, June 17, 2011

8 Kids Ain't So Bad

I know I said "ain't".  I love that word.  Anyway, I had an extra 2 kids for 3 days and we quickly adjusted. I kept not making enough food because I was so used to cooking for 8 rather than 10. I try to not over cook for reasons of not wanting to get fat as a barrel.  I always make sure the kids get enough but I keep mine and Charles' portions small.  Now that I'm used to cooking for 10, I'll probably have some extra again.  Whenever we have kids staying over we always try to do lots of fun stuff. As if the Wii and PS2 and pool in backyard is not good enough.  Not to mention all the toys.  But still.....

Calie and Andrew (My friend's kids on left) spraying Ryan and Chaz
So we headed over to a splash park which is great because I don't have to worry about any pools.  Ahhh.... such a relief for me.  Baby Caleb was scared at first and kept running to daddy to get out of the sprays.  Even though I was right there.  After he cuddled Charles' chest, he finally ventured back out.  Once he did, we couldn't stop him.  Soooo cute....

Caleb feels safe next to daddy
I had a hard time letting baby Caleb try the slide.  8 years ago Chaz lost his two front teeth on that slide (below).  It's not as minor as it sounds.  He hit his face so hard that firetrucks and ambulance came.  He had to go to the hospital and have surgery and his face was deformed for awhile.  It was one of the most heartbreaking things.  Since then, they changed the slide from concrete to plastic to make it safer.  Little Caleb kept begging to try it yesterday and I agreed if we made him go slow.  I felt like I was gonna literally panic and started breathing heard so he didn't do it anymore after 2 times down.  It's a small slide and goes slow but the memories were too bad.  After that it was hard to get Caleb's attention from it since he kept toddling over back to it.

Ashley on slide
It's so relaxing there and it felt good to play in the water because it was SO HOT!!!

The waterfall is one of my favorite things there and we love to stand under it.  Of course I wore my lovely Voda swimsuit that they blessed me with.  Whoo hoo!!  I actually got a matching undershirt to put under it since it makes my ta ta's look so big. It's designed like that.  Normally I wouldn't mind but since modesty is an issue, I had to find something to put under it.  Just like a blue spaghetti strap undershirt.  Plus some cute swim shorts over the bottom. Truly, I love that suit.  No maternity swimsuits this summer!  :)  

I actually loved having 8 kids for the last 3 days and I'm gonna miss it.  I didn't mind that everyone stared when we walked past.  In church we took a whole row.  When we first walked into church it was like a long time of people walking up the aisle.  It was quite funny.  Tee hee.... I'm gonna miss those kids now that they're gone.  Although as soon as kids leave my house, other kids always ask to come over. So there seems to always be a rotation going on.

The only thing that is hard is that when I have guest kids over and they don't know the rules, I have to watch out.  Over the last couple weeks of having kids over I've found toys and blankets outside all over the place. I don't let the kids bring toys out for a reason because the sun ruins them and I always have to throw it away.  Today I spent an hour throwing away tons of good stuff that got drug outside over time.  I need to make a list that I read to kids when they come over so they know the rules.  My kids are trained about that stuff but I shouldn't just expect guest kids to automatically know my rules of the house.  Calie and Andrew are great kids though and I loved their great attitudes.  I can tell that they aren't used to being around the noise of a big family though because sometimes Andrew would cover his ears.  LOL.

Truly though, I so enjoyed having them stay over and even invited them back over for another week.  Probably won't happen though since I know their mommy will miss them.  Tee hee...
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