Monday, June 13, 2011


I loved unposed pictures.  Just let their goofiness
show.  lol
You know how they say that when black people are shopping or in a crowd, when they see another black person they say "Hey, Bro."  Sometimes they even just nod at each other.  One guy told me its because they are a minority and it just feels good to see another brother in the crowd.  That stuck in my head so it got me thinking.

4 of my kids posing with Henry
Aren't large families a minority?  Often I'm used to getting started at wherever we go.  People count, sometimes say rude comments, other times compliment, or stare.  Whenever I see another big family shopping I always have to bring my family up and ask how they are, how many kids, compare ages, etc.  There might be a brotherhood but now I'm thinking something different when I think motherHOOD.  

Yesterday when I was in Sam's Club, I saw this family that had 6 kids following the cart.  I had to run up to them and compliment them.  I was so excited to see another big family.  Then they shocked me by saying they had another 4 at home!  They have 10!  I was so excited and asked if she had a blog.  Nooo, she didn't.  :(  I told her she needs to get some blogging up so we can all benefit from her SKILLS.  Get this, her last 6 kids are all 1 year apart.  Wow!

It doesn't matter where we are, I always tend to look around me and see if there are any other large families.  For some reason it just makes me feel I have this connection with them.  


momto9 said...

True:) I feel the same way

Mom said...

I wish I could understand the large family part. But I do understand the being stared at part. Love the t-shirts. We do that too sometimes--so much fun and easy to keep track of people! I read a blog of a lady that has 16 kids--all single births!

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

WOW i can totally relate.. you know why :)

Anonymous said...

I totally think it's fine to have 5 kids the most, if you can responsibly afford to take care of each one. It's when I hear the 10 or 16 kids that I'm starting to wonder what is your motivation for having all these children. I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't understand the desire to have that many.

Virginia Revoir said...

Anonymous, you are right. You don't understand because you are you. Most likely you live life for yourself and don't understand the joys of children and how wonderfully exciting life can be with them. You can't understand and that's why it baffles you. I was there before so I can see where your mind is at.
What can I say? When you have so much fun with each and every one you have, its hard not to want to experience more and more of it.

You have to remember that sometimes people who are in a bind and have a large family, it may not have always been that way for them. Economies fall, job losses happen, etc. You can't look at a large family and assume their life financially in any way. Just like my husband, it wasn't until I discovered I was pregnant with my sixth that he lost his job. He's had to start a whole different career. In the process I learn MAJORLY how to be frugal. I even learned how to make money online. I also learned how selfish I was before (materialistic speaking). We may be tight now because of his career change, but we're making it on our own and that's freaking awesome. I'm really proud of that. Just try not to assume or ever make it your business a large families financial status because you don't know what's going on.

I had one lady accuse me of living off of the government and it shocked me to the core that someone would speak before asking me. She incredibly hurt our reputation as a family because she assumed something. I had to go and tell people that it was all a lie and it was hard undoing her damage.

Please don't worry about why people want a large family and whether or not they can handle it. If you are not the type to love kids and have large families, then you just won't understand no matter how much we tell you.