Monday, June 13, 2011


I loved unposed pictures.  Just let their goofiness
show.  lol
You know how they say that when black people are shopping or in a crowd, when they see another black person they say "Hey, Bro."  Sometimes they even just nod at each other.  One guy told me its because they are a minority and it just feels good to see another brother in the crowd.  That stuck in my head so it got me thinking.

4 of my kids posing with Henry
Aren't large families a minority?  Often I'm used to getting started at wherever we go.  People count, sometimes say rude comments, other times compliment, or stare.  Whenever I see another big family shopping I always have to bring my family up and ask how they are, how many kids, compare ages, etc.  There might be a brotherhood but now I'm thinking something different when I think motherHOOD.  

Yesterday when I was in Sam's Club, I saw this family that had 6 kids following the cart.  I had to run up to them and compliment them.  I was so excited to see another big family.  Then they shocked me by saying they had another 4 at home!  They have 10!  I was so excited and asked if she had a blog.  Nooo, she didn't.  :(  I told her she needs to get some blogging up so we can all benefit from her SKILLS.  Get this, her last 6 kids are all 1 year apart.  Wow!

It doesn't matter where we are, I always tend to look around me and see if there are any other large families.  For some reason it just makes me feel I have this connection with them.  
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