Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sometimes Cleaning is Pointless

*Have you noticed I don't post many pics on here lately?  My camera is in the shop getting repaired.  Sniff....  :(

I've been kind of discouraged of late about cleaning.  I usually feel this way in the summertime.  Sometimes I just want to take a break from cleaning without the house falling apart.  I wish I could teach the kids more than chore time but about maintaining.  My mother-in-law made this amazing offer to come to my house and help me organize.  Having her offer is like having the Queen of Clean offer to come in and clean. She's amazing.  I don't care about maintenance cleaning (I do that all the time), just getting rid of stuff and I'm terrible at it.  I did just recently get rid of about 6 or 7 boxes worth of stuff.  I still have Charles' office stuff to pack away and my room to majorly clean.  Does anyone have any shovels?

My room is worth a whole different paragraph.  I have so many clothes its ridiculous.  I hope I'm not the only one that considers her room the last to clean in the entire house.  I concentrate first on the kitchen and then living room and bathrooms.  It kinds goes down in order from there.  Sooo my room is always dead last.  My friend says when I'm getting ready to go somewhere I try on at least 20 outfits till I'm satisfied.  So that's instantly a ton of clothes to hang back up and I'm usually too much in a rush.  Bleh. 

I did reorder my day just for the summer.  I think it's pretty darn cool.  I got the idea from another website and here's what it is.  Instead of setting a time schedule you set it like this:

Before Breakfast:
After Breakfast:
Before Lunch:
After Lunch:
Before Dinner:
After Dinner:

See Printable List HERE.  You can even fill in the blanks before printing it out.  Pretty nifty.

That makes more sense to me because I don't follow the clock well.  When I set a time schedule I get discouraged to keep following when I'm an hour off.  So this has been pretty helpful.  Uh, I don't do a whole lot before breakfast except refill the chicken's water.  When I wake up, instantly it's breakfast and coffee.  

I don't think before coffee.

Tee hee....

A quick note to the OCD Cleaning Group I'm heading up.  We will be holding our first meeting at my house.  I would like you to show me how exactly this is a problem for you.  Don't worry about bringing your own cleaning supplies.  I'll happily provide them for you.   

(Note: that is a personal joke of mine.  Once I posted it on facebook and someone actually tried to come.)


Zion said...

Your little cartoons are always such a riot. I definitely understand about the bedroom coming last. I try and clean the things people would see if they just happen to stop by. The back of our house is always in the worst shape.

Virginia Revoir said...

oh, thank you! I'm not the only one. :D Phew.

I love cartoons. Tee hee... they speak what my mind wants to say. I think in cartoons all the time. I miss my camera. I can't wait to get it back.

momto9 said...

A messy house is the bane of my existence:)