Thursday, June 23, 2011

When the Day Doesn't Start Out with Sunshine

I'm sitting here with my head pounding, my baby son on my lap while I type.  He's putting his toy army car in my coffee and I'm too tired to tell him to stop.  I've always wanted soldiers in my cup.  My girls are running around in their panties but my head hurts to much to talk and tell them to go get some clothes on.  My Great Dane is sitting up and staring at me which usually means he wants something but I have no idea what.  Dirty dishes in the sink from eating late at night with the kids after church.  My 10 year old is dancing around the living which is incredibly cute but my eyes are blurry so it's making me dizzy.  Ashley, my 3 yr old, keeps giving me this look that she's gotten into something.  I KNOW that look.  Plus, when she's done something she chews on her tongue when I ask her about it.  My other dog wants inside so he's barking at the door over and over making my head hurt worse. But getting up makes my head hurt so I'm staying here. My laundry pile is becoming Mt. Everest.  I think today might be the day I can put on those tennis shoes and climb it.  I desperately need to read God's Word.  Like now.  Stat.  I started this day all wrong.  

(Getting my bible... and another cup of coffee)

Being that today is June 23, I read out of Proverbs 23.  I loved the scripture that says "Do not let your heart envy sinners, but always be zealous for the fear of the Lord."  This morning I was going around and visiting blogs I'd never visited before.  One particular one made me sad. The wife was laughing about misspending huge amounts of money her husband asked her not to do, extreme foul language, and hateful words.  I thought "I remember when we could spend big amounts of money and it was so fun."  But not everyone with money is happy or at peace.  It is better to look at someone and say, "I would love to have her peace, her joy, her love for what is Godly."  

After feeding my soul (which was kinda getting skinny), taking some medicine and having another cup of coffee..... I'm starting to feel a little better.  My head still hurts.  Makes me feel kind of grumpy but I know to never take it out on my family.  I learned a long time ago that just because mommy is not feeling good, kids shouldn't have to pay the price.  Or my husband.  I know it's easy to hurt the ones we love, but the price is so much heavier when we do.

"Lord, my day hasn't started out too great.  My work load is heavy and I don't feel too great.  Please shine Your light into this home and help me to appreciate all your gifts you have given me that are right under my nose."

(I miss my camera.  It's in the repair shop and I can't wait to get it back.)

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Taryn said...

I saw a book that I'm ordering for my granddaughter(and her mom) over at (preschool) or rainbowresource(has it graded at K-4). It's called My ABC Bible Verses and is suppose to be KJ verses. The reviews at Amazon say the parents get blessed from it and some use it for family devotions. Rainbow Resource is a good catalog(huge) to have even if you're not homeschooling.