Friday, June 03, 2011

How to Get Boys to Do Just About Anything

Make it a mission!!!


I can't go into the restroom with my older boys and I can't take them into the womens.  So I always make the boys go in pairs.  But the one attending always hates to be asked to go.  "Awww mom!  Can Chaz go with Kyle instead?"  

We were sitting in McDonalds when Kyle said he had to go.  I didn't want to hear the usual complaints so I had an idea. Heh heh.  I said, "Who wants to go on a mission?!"  Ryan came running and I told Ryan and Kyle I would whisper the mission in their ears.

To Kyle I whispered "Kyle, your mission is to quietly go to the bathroom,go potty and come back"

He whispered back "You mean poo poo, Mommy."

"Oh, okay."

In Ryan's ear "Your mission is to wait with Kyle quietly and tell no one.  Bring me back 5 pieces of toilet paper."  He was excited and ran off with Kyle.

I turned a boring potty run into a mission.  Ryan still doesn't realize I was just trying to get him to go with his brother for safety.  He excitedly came back with Kyle and 5 pieces of toilet paper in his hand.  Then he whispered to me, "Mission accomplished".


Chris H said...

Clever mother!
My only question is ... What did ya do with the 5 bits of toilet paper????? lol

Zion said...

Oooh, very creative. I like it!

Amber said...

That's brilliant!