Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pulling a Thelma and Louise?

I can't tell you what a blessing it's been for my family being able to do reviews for companies.  I know it might seem as if I'm advertising but think about it.  I'm looking for items that I can actually use or give as gifts.  In turn, this is a huge money saver for my family.  Not only that, sometimes I'm allowed to give one away and bless another family.  Just want to put that out as a side note for my readers.  ;) I promise if something stinks I'll tell you the truth.  Or I'll tell the positives and negatives on it.  If you hate seeing the reviews, hopefully you can look past them and just read my regular posts like these ones in between.

Guess what?  My friend and I with 4 of our kids will be traveling somewhere tomorrow for a couple of days. Her daughter will be in a wedding so we'll be getting a hotel overnight.  HOPEFULLY we can party hardy (in a Christian fashion) and stay up late.  Who knows. These days I've been kind of a wimp and hittin' the hay early.  So going to bed after 10pm might be my body's idea of being extreme.  Heh heh.  I've even signed up with AAA to make sure if us girls get stranded, we'll have someone to come rescue us.  Ta ta house cleaning and responsibilities!  I'll see you when I get back!  Don't worry, we won't pull a Thelma and Louise on anyone.  No robbing banks either.  I'm assuming that since no one else knows how to cook here they'll be eating lots of Ramen and cereal.  We just want us girls to get away for a couple of days and take a mini break and since we have our husband's blessings we're gonna have fun.  It's funny because between the both of us we'll still have 4 kids but that's still less than the usual 9 so it's a break.


Avital said...

my best friend and I took her four and my one on a vacation last spring. We went to the Oregon coast and when we went across the border, the customs guard told us we were crazy and it wasn't a vacation if there were five children involved, but we had a really,really great time. I'm sure you will too!

Chris H said...

I hope you have a wonderful time!