Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Class

I wanted to introduce you to my little class I have on Thursdays for 3 hours. It's really neat. It's like having a Sunday School class but for 3 hours instead of 1 hour. We have a curriculum and get to have a half hour play time in the quad room which can be really loud. This year it is indoors because they are completely remodeling the outside playground and it won't be done till the end of the school year. So, the play room this year is indoors and that's where my boys run out all their energy (I hope) and my one little girl gets to have some playmates. I've noticed something interesting between the boys and girls in the quad room. The boys are always running around and yelling. The girls are always off in a corner playing quietly. It's a good thing I have mostly boys in my class because the girls would just have me stumped. I know how to handle boys because I have 3 of my own. They are 10 times harder than the girl I have but I'm used to the nature of boys and I understand them better. Boys you have to take to the ER more often but the girls have their emotional side that make my hair stand on end. I'm sure it would've been different if I had 3 girls of my own! First we have a half hour of play time, then we go into teaching and craft time, snack time, then recess, storytime, then back to some organized activity time. Then the moms come back. On Tuesdays, Me and a couple of my assistants watch about fifteen 1 year olds for 3 hours while their mommys go to bible study at their church. That class(in a twisted sort of way) is actually easier for me even though at times there can be 15 crying babies because I'm comfortable with babies. I've had 4 of them so I understand them. As a teenager, I probably would of done that class once and then died of a stroke from the stress but it's actually nice to work with some women and get to know them in between wiping snot, changing diapers, untangling someone's hands from another's hair, or feeding another. It's actually a nice way to get out of the house and give some moms a refreshing break once a week that they really need. : ) Here is a pic of one of my boys Jamison. He is such an awesome kid and amazingly obedient. So awesome. Below is a pic of craft and Snack time.

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