Friday, September 15, 2006

Meeting with School

I wasn't looking forward to meeting with the new school my son will be going to next week. I'm already frustrated that he has to change schools in the first place. My first impression was bad when I walked into the nurse's office to get a cup for a drink, this lady comes walking in looking like she hates her job asking what I was doing. I told her and she gave me a scowl. After she walked out, I looked at the kids in the room and I said, "Please tell me that's not the school nurse". They said she wasn't. Phew. That would be one mean nurse. 

I then went in to meet the teachers and see Chaz's new classroom. I ask who the new teacher is and guess who it was? I saw them pointing to that very lady that looked like she just ate 10 lemons. I about walked out right then and there but decided to just stay and listen. When just the director was in the room I said, "Um, I don't like that teacher". Fortunately I was wrong and I just thought they were pointing to that lady. The real teacher is actually tough but pretty nice. It was a 2 hour (zzzzz..) meeting but also a very stressful meeting.

You see, Chaz was put into first grade this year against my wishes. He is supposed to be repeating Kindergarten. Click here to read the previous post on this subject. I was a little frustrated because when I told the teachers in the meeting about Chaz's diagnoses with Aspergers Syndrome (and OCD), they only cared about the ADHD. They kind of blew me off on that subject and said they didn't really believe in it. They were kind of mocking. I couldn't believe it. They were saying stuff like, "what do doctors know". Mrs. Hood came to my rescue when she told them about Chaz's obsessive behaviors such as always having to push in all the chairs before he leaves the classroom and when he comes in he has to straighten everyone's pencils on their desk. We all kind of giggled about that because they were saying how nice the desks always looked. :) She gave them all kinds of examples. They just got kind of quiet. The doctor that was supposed to be at the meeting but couldn't make it would've blown them out of the water. 

They put Chaz in 1st grade this year instead of in Kindergarten like I asked. So now that they discovered that Chaz is not ready for 1st grade, he is now being pulled out of his class into another school. This is not good for Chaz. It can be hard on any kid but even more for Chaz right now. When the teacher suggested that we just keep him in first grade but teach him Kindergarten, that's when I put my foot down and said no. I told her I didn't want Chaz in 2nd grade next year. He needs the basics. He needs to start from the beginning NOW. So, after 2 hours of debates, I was wishing I read this practical and legal guidance
for parents who have children with IEP plans. It was a very tough meeting and at times I had to put my foot down to get them to even listen to what I had to say. I won't go into everything but after the meeting was over I had a headache and was ready for bed.

I don't have a lot of choices here. This was my only choice in the district. The good thing is that Chaz will be learning phonics and the kids that come out of this class, learn a heck of a lot and that's what matters. Please pray that I am making right decisions because right now is the beginning of the rest of Chaz's life. My little boy's future. That's why I feel so much pressure. However, I feel so weary of it all but I can't hide from it. I think Chaz is very intelligent and just needs a teacher who can help him get his feet off the ground. He just needs the basics and I know Chaz can fly. He may be starting late, but once he stretches out his wings, I know he'll take off and surprise us all.
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