Friday, September 29, 2006

Fun at Site

Click here to view photos.
This morning my mom and I met for breakfast and then we went to go look at my lot just for fun. Since the workers had already did some digging for the pipes and then left to do some other houses, I snuck around and walked inside. I came back just in time from walking around it (I'm not supposed to) because as soon as my feet hit back on the sidewalk, my builder pulled up. His name is Ron and he's such a nice guy. So after talking with him awhile about some things I wanted, I offered everyone drinks and then left to pick up Charles from work. He wanted to come back and see for himself and so he snuck around the lot. We had a good time. We were driving around the neighborhood and lo and behold we ran into another house with the same exact layout but different elevation in the front. So we walked around inside of that. It's not right by our house so the neighborhood isn't that nice for them. Thankfully that won't be the case for us because there are new homes around us. So here are some pictures for my family to see (and if you would like to of course). :)
So, again here are the photos if you have not clicked above.
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